Doppio Zero

My partner and I are off to Doppio Zero in Rosebank tonight with one of my dearest friends, and I'm very excited!

Their winning menu item is their Very Vegan pizza. They've been so kind as to remove the cheese and the basil pesto from the list of ingredients to make the pizza 'very vegan'. We love them for it and love this pizza! I would suggest adding avocado to the mix! When I'm not particularly hungry but want pizza I have the garlic focaccia. Add avocado (which I spread all over the pizza) and anything else you desire! Amazing! If you go for the Avo Focaccia option, totally squeeze a little lemon over it and add some salt! Some rosemary is also super yummy!

I have checked with the Doppio Chain head office and their official statement to me was that there is no egg or dairy in the pizza bases, and that they are definitely vegan. As far as I know all their regular pastas have egg in them, so if you want to have pasta, order the wheat free pasta. They bring out some delicious rice fettucine. Just check with them before you order. The arrabiata sauce is amazing if you love chilli, otherwise try their yummy napolitana sauce.

Also, a glass of affordable red wine, or their spritzy sangria are a great accompaniment to the pizza! Just saying!


  1. Anonymous22.2.12

    It might have been a mistake by the waitress who helped me at Doppio Zero, but the Very Vegan pizza still has egg in the base, you need to ask for the gluten free base. A bit silly to label something as vegan if that is the case. Col Cacchio also make a gluten free base that's vegan :)

    1. I will make further enquiries and get back to you. I do hope that the waitron was mistaken. Thank you for your comment!

    2. Great news! Your waitress was mistaken, indeed! I have an offical response from the Doppio Zero group that the pizza bases are all vegan as they do not use egg or dairy in them at all. Happy eating!