Ami - Not a Friend!

I'm going to keep this as short as I can, because I don't like to write negative things on a happy blog, but we had such a bad experience at this restaurant that I'd sooner go anywhere else.

Ami was very accommodating the first time I went there. All the items on their vegan menu were available and most of the dishes were lovely - with some exceptions. The roast vegetable platter is very very expensive for a few raw food items, a roasted veggie or two, some not great chips and soggy noodles. The Paella is also terrible, with tasteless vegetables on a bed of watery rice.

The second and last time I will ever set foot in that place there were four vegans at the table. Only three items from their ten item menu were available for order, they had no physical menus to give us, the waiter didn't have a clue what a vegan was and the part that really upset us was that our aubergine stack, although delicious, wasn't big enough to be a starter in a molecular gastronomy restaurant.

Three of us ordered the same aubergine dish, which is considered a main course according to the online menu that is available. It's called the Leaning Tower of Aubergine listed to contain 'Roast aubergine layered with a pomodoro base, crisped baby spinach and savoury tofu, topped by a salty cranberry sauce'. There was no tofu, cranberry sauce or spinach in what we ate.

When we complained as to how utterly tiny the dish was, they told us it was because it wasn't a meat main, so it would obviously be small. Which is total nonsense. They tried every argument against us that they possibly could instead of offering to bring us a more substantial meal, and would not admit to us that it had been a very small portion for a dish that costs close to a hundred bucks.

Aubergines aren't expensive. Nor are tomatoes, or basil. Especially when you're buying bulk for a restaurant. I know. I buy fresh produce.

They treated us like idiots, and they offered no compensation for how unhappy we were. None of us lost our tempers but they were immediately defensive and raised their voices. They constantly spoke over us, would not listen to what we had to say and would walk away mid discussion. We spoke to three different managers that all gave us the same arguments - pointing out that three of us whom all had the same experience couldn't be right, regardless of our still rumbling stomachs. And they had the audacity to point out that it was because we hadn't ordered a meat dish.

Don't waste your time or your money on this restaurant. You will leave as unhappy and unsatisfied as we did. The quality went from great to completely inexcusably terrible very quickly, not to mention that half the restaurant still looked like a building site. I can watch TCM at home and buy my own bottle of champagne, thank you.

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