Sandwich Assortment - Zoo Lake Picnic

Lunch at the park today was absolutely amazing. There were goslings everywhere, so fluffy and yellow, with all their parents hissing at us as we walked past. It was a beautiful day, so sunny and warm! I'm indescribably excited we're heading into summer, and few things make me happier than a picnic on a park bench on a lovely day.

My partner loves sandwiches more than I do, consequently he always makes delicious out-of-this-world peanut butter (or any other) sandwiches while I make very normal ones. We use the same ingredients, so who knows what his magic touch is?

Thus, today when he suggested sandwiches for lunch, I decided I'd skip my PB&J attempts and go straight for some soya meat replacement burgers. Not the healthiest mix, but sandwiches on white bread aren't particularly healthy anyway.

I bought a long Pick 'n Pay French loaf which is very little like a traditional one. They are crunchy at the ends, soft throughout the rest of the crust, and deliciously soft and fluffy in the centre! There are some dubious ingredients in Pick 'n Pay bread, so although it may be vegan, it's not necessarily something you want to be putting in your body if you're trying to be more health conscious. I buttered the loaf with some vegan margarine (we use Ole - not on my healthy list either but it is nice at times) and chopped it into 8 segments with which I made 3 different burgers.

Burger # 1

1 Fry's Traditional Vegetarian Burger Patty halved
Some fried onions and garlic (burger fried in the same pan simultaneously)
Dijon Mustard
A slice of tomato

Burger # 2

1 Fry's Vegetarian Schnitzel halved
Vegan Mayonnaise
Spinach leaves
Salt and Pepper
Squeeze of fresh lemon

Burger # 3

In a pan:

Yuh-der Imitation Chicken Julienne Strips (Soya based) defrosted (they have their own oil to fry in)
A teaspoon of Ina Paarman Chicken Flavour stock powder
A little water to help it all along

In a bowl:

Mix the strips with a tablespoon of mayo (or more if you want to, but its a very rich filling already)
A teaspoon of Dijon mustard
Chopped parsley
Squeeze of lemon
Any desired spices - I like a little Cayenne pepper powder, salt and a generous amount of pepper

They were all delicious, but both of us liked Burger # 1 the most!

If you ever crave chicken mayonnaise toasted sandwiches, yuh-der julienne is the stuff that is closest to chicken in texture. They'll be super but very rich so one is probably enough. Balance it out with a tomato and vegan cheese toasted sandwich. the imitation chicken strips might weird you out though as they seem quite realistic, the wonderfully strange things that Chinese people can do with soya! I'm in love with their ancient culture that brings us these recipes, amongst other things! Hong Kong vegetarian restaurants have the best vegan options because of all the different soya products and interesting flavours that we just don't manage to get here. There's one vegetarian restaurant in Wan-Chai area that has been open for a hundred years! Imagine how long the tradition of making soya meat replacements has been going on for?!

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