Stellar Winery - Organic and Vegan Vino

Organic Wine has a very special place in my heart - not only because of the ladybugs and ducks that look after the grapes by eating the goggos, but because one of my father's dearest friends tried to start an organic wine farm that caused him great financial trouble, and eventually led to great struggle for him. He was so passionate about it, and I remember how nobody believed that an organic winery had any place in the industry. He was about ten years too early with his organic endeavour and lacked the finances. He was a pioneer and one of the most wonderful men I ever met! Yay for organic wine and their farming methods!

This little organic wine farm, Stellar Winery, produces a whole range of wonderful Vegan wines, and their boxes are labelled as Vegan. AMAZING! The wine also tastes pretty delicious. They're also fair trade. I'm a little bit in love with them!

Woolworths stocks a bunch of their wines, the 'insert verb' 'insert animal' wines that have ORGANIC written all over them. They also make a lovely sparkling wine AND they deliver! Don't you love them too?

For more info go to their site - but in case you're too lazy to do that right now, here's something about them nicked from their site.

"Stellar Winery, South Africa's largest producer of fine organic wines, processes organically-grown grapes for the South African and export markets. The grapes are drawn from farms in the Lower Olifants River Valley, part of the Namaqualand area of the Western Cape. This is an area famous for its spring flowers and is also the only semi-arid Biosphere hotspot in the world.
Situated in the Namaqualand hamlet of Trawal, Stellar Winery is privately owned, with the workers having a 26% shareholding in the cellar. 
Well-known for its innovative approach, Stellar has achieved a number of "firsts" in the wine industry. It was the first organic winemaking operation in the world to gain FLO Fairtrade certification and the first cellar in Africa to produce commercially viable no-sulphur-added wines. Stellar has subsequently become the largest producer of these wines in the world and is the number one organic wine brand in the UK.
The organic vineyards and winemaking process are fully certified by the internationally recognised Control Union Certifications, based in the Netherlands.
Stellar's fair trade certification has delivered positive, measurable changes in working and living conditions to the Stellar workforce through the the global sales of fairly-traded wine. The surrounding Trawal community has also benefited from fair trade through the company's support of local institutions such as the pre-school, primary school and football club."

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