Amazing Grapefruit!

I never used to like grapefruit - the bitterness, the taste, nothing about it was appealing to me until about a year ago. I have become increasingly addicted to the wonderful pink flesh of this citrus and I absolutely crave it in the mornings!

I make myself a grapefruit salad of some sort most mornings around ten, just to have something in my tummy. I'm super grumpy if I'm hungry at any point of the day, so I'm always munching!

My grapefruit salads vary constantly depending on what is in the fridge, but the best combinations I've come across are below. I made a salad today that didn't really work for me though, so if I were to advise anyone on this, leave out the cranberries. *pulls disgusted face*

Grapefruit and Clemengold Salad

I loved this combination! It was very yummy, but Ryan isn't a huge fan of these sort of funny salads. Now I make them when he's not around to moan about grapefruit being in strange places!

Organic Mixed Lettuce
Grapefruit flesh
Clemengold peeled and chopped - no need to take the husks off, they're so soft and disappear when you eat them. If you can't find clemengolds, any variation of sweet citrus will be fine!
Vinaigrette  - I just used white balsamic condiment and olive oil
Sunflower seeds
Flax seeds
Sesame seeds
Any other seeds that contain Omega oils are great

Grapefruit and Celery Salad

I use Grapefruit and Celery as the base for this salad almost every time, and I just add whatever else I find in the fridge or pantry that seems like it would combine well with the bitterness. Any of the following ingredients (other than the main two) can be left out and you'll still have something wonderful!

Grapefruit flesh
One stalk of chopped celery with the yummy little light green baby leaves from the centre
Sweet black seedless grapes halved
Sunflower seeds
Pear or Apple slices

I love these salads, they're so quick to make, wonderfully raw and healthy - although unless you eat a big bowl, isn't enormously filling. Great snack though to take the edge off mid morning hunger.

Yum! I want another bowl now! I may just...

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