Happy Breakfast!

Ryan has just rushed out of here, a little late for work because we overslept - so badly that I was still sleeping when he ate breakfast! So amidst a loving farewell and a dancing pug, I made myself something delicious to eat and drink.

Apple & Cinnamon Muesli with Vanilla Chai Tea
(And perhaps some grapefruit for dessert!)

I feel like breakfast this morning is a real treat, I even opened a box of Alpro Unsweetened Soya Milk, something usually saved for special occasions, like b├ęchamel. I used to LOVE the Woolworths Organic Rice Milk, it was fantastic! It was everything I had dreamed that boxed milk alternative could be! I'm so upset that they've replaced it with the disgusting and artificial tasting Rice Drink. Chocolate cereal will never be the same again! They went together perfectly. So instead Ryan and I have started mixing milk alternative from powders, which is much better than the very expensive box alternatives, except for the grainy sediment that you can't seem to get away from. The best brand we've found so far is the Nature's Choice Rice milk, available from most 'health' stores and wholefood stockists. It is working out a lot less expensive than our box a day habit before, lamentably, Woolworths changed everything.

Cereal has somewhat lost its appeal to me since, but I have a new found love for Muesli, and I can't seem to stay away from them but Woolworths has a bunch of sugar and honey free options, for example the Apple and Cinnamon Muesli I'm eating this morning. It's delicious but I don't like buying it because there is way too much packaging involved. It's separated into little serving parcels, of which one is not enough for me by a long shot, which are convenient if you need to keep them in your desk drawer for yogurt topping. I don't have that requirement, but it isn't available in a bigger box so I end up buying it and tormenting myself about all the plastic unnecessarily used in the packaging.

The Vanilla Chai Tea is also from Woolies, and as much as this article displays my love-hate relationship with this completely overpriced convenience store, they have unbleached teabags for most of their house brand teas. Nothing warms me to a product more than when they choose not to put harmful chemicals into products, customers, or the environment. Also, the tea is highly addictive and delicious! The ingredients are black tea, spices and no strange ingredients - wonderful!

All the while, listening to the Top Ten XX Covers that awesome JHB DJ Duchess and music blogger Slightly Single posted - some super cool stuff! My favourite so far is the Gorillaz cover of Crystallized!


  1. I totally downloaded the XX mixes because of you!!! YAY!! such amazing thesis listening and the chai tea is thesis drinking all over... WEEEE!!

  2. They had the original rice milk at Woolworths again when I was there the last time, so maybe it's not gone forever.

  3. Eep! wish I could find it! I sure hope they bring it back when their other range fails. Oh well, I think I save a bunch of money buying the powdered milk instead of the woolies organic concoction, but will definitely keep my eye open!

  4. I would like to let everyone know that the Health Connection Wholefoods products all contain animal origin Casein which is not Vegan. They don't list it in the ingredients, which I may add is against the Consumer Protection Act, so if this infringement upsets you as much as it has me, it's worth taking it up with them as it is a violation of your rights. I am very sad as I promoted them with vigour, but alas, please do not buy their products if you are vegan or have dairy allergies.