Jonny's Tricolore Fettucine

I love it when friends that aren't vegan cook for us! There are always such lovely yummy things that appear! I don't recall any gross vegan meals from friends - they rock!

So our lovely friend made us some pasta tonight - I gate crashed a designer meeting for his forthcoming independent cinema's poster, and so glad I did!

He made us a lovely tricolore fettucine with fresh veggies and loads of garlic!

Tricolore Fettucine with Cherry Tomatoes

I didn't ask about the ingredients, but I will. I'm assuming:

Cherry tomatoes, flash fried in garlic, seasoning and herbs with the cooked pasta, some chopped peppers, rosemary - definitely - and Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

I'm a little bit in love with rosemary at the moment - it's such a wonderful herb with so many different vegetables! I've been using it in all the roasts and pasta sauces I've been cooking recently. It's so flavourful, and deliciously crispy when roasted. Ryan doesn't eat the stalks so I get all of them to munch! So crunchy and full of flavour! I also read somewhere that rosemary is packed with nutrients, so why not?

It was wonderful! I love fun food like multi-coloured pasta! We also had a glass of Alto Rouge red wine with the meal, a gift from my father - mmm!

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