Rage for Order - Breakfast

So I haven't written lately, not because I haven't been eating, but because I've been studying! I thought I'd just pop in a quick post about what I was up to for breakfast this morning, simply because I can't believe how healthy and carb free my breakfast was, that I seemed to have chased away a Monday morning head cold with a grapefruit and that I was studying by 8AM! Things are looking up for sure! A productive weekend of studying, only three beers but some regrettably oily and carby food lead to what is looking to be a great Monday!

So yay for the most amazing combination of vanilla chai tea, dried apricots with raw almonds, a whole grapefruit and my banana that I am yet to indulge in!

Dried apricots and raw almonds together create the most spectacular flavour that I've tasted in a long time. An ex housemate used to combine the two - what a discovery! Those are complementary flavours if I've ever found any! The vanilla chai is also perfect with it, as it adds a bitter alternative to the dried apricots that can prove to be almost too sticky sweet.

I've just finished reading 'A Rationale for Collecting' by G. Thomas Tanselle sitting at our wonderful new acquisition - a beautiful Danish dining set with my blossoming white irises. You can also see how much our grass has grown outside, all the better for a happy puglet! Life is great!

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