Orange, Butternut and Carrot Roast Curry

It was the most beautifully sunny weekend! We had a pool party - although the water was too cold to swim, and we had a lovely picnic at Emmarentia Dam with friends. It was idyllic! But as it seems to go, today it's a glum, cold, grey and windy monday with the looming threat of thundershowers. I love this weather as much as I do the weather yesterday, but Ryan and I haven't had any ideas yet about where we can have lunch together when it rains! We're so happy going to look at the Zoo Lake goslings that we have completely neglected to form a back-up plan!

Today's weather definitely lends itself to something warm and comforting to eat, and curry always does the trick for me! I've also decided however that it's time to say goodbye to carbohydrates as well as I possibly can, as they've snuck into way too large a percentage of my diet for me to be happy with! And my friend Alice has cut them out on weekdays, so I'm jealous. I'm not very good at denying myself anything when it comes to food, so if I find myself really feeling like something I shouldn't be eating I'll have a little bit - like a small pack of crisps - so we'll see how well this undertaking progresses.

Orange, Butternut and Carrot Roast Curry

I love having colour themes in dishes, it looks so pretty to have a dish composed of different textures and the same colours. I've been watching a lot of the Jamie Oliver cooking and gardening program 'Jamie at Home' recently and I think he and I have very similar taste buds. He loves to make vinaigrettes that he either uses on salads or roasts. I've taken his advice and have started using citrus instead of boring vinegars. Thus, an Orange juice based roasted curry is part Jamie, part my love for curry and citrus.

Juice of one orange (and some of the pulp - yum!)
Three parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the one part acid, which is an Orange in our case
One large butternut cubed into large chunky pieces
Several carrots, I just added until it looked like the amount I wanted
two small onions quartered
two cloves of garlic, chopped and crushed into the olive oil
season to taste
one teaspoon of Cape Malay curry powder from Woolies (I'm too lazy to compose my own curry mixes every time I make curry, so if you want a yummy mix, this one rocks)
one teaspoon of hot curry powder (also the woolies variety)
three sprigs of rosemary (I know that isn't something traditional to curry, but orange and rosemary are such good friends, you want to have them in a dish together).

Roast until golden brown and soft! A very slow roast often tastes the best, so roast anywhere between 100 and 200 degrees depending on how much time you have. The slower you roast the sweeter the dish becomes, and always make sure it doesn't dry out! YUM! Can't wait! I may even pick up some vegan indian breads on the way at Spiceburg, when I drop off X-Men at The Majestic video shop! hehe...

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