Lentil and Spinach Lasagne

Such a dirty plate! Sorry, no frills here...

I've been keeping a food diary lately to write down everything I eat and everything I make so that I can have a good overview of my eating habits over time, as well as truly record every recipe that I use because I often forget to write down my own creations or modifications that I have made to somebody else's recipe. I'm quite enjoying my food diary at the moment as it seems to contain plenty of fruit salad! I'm patting myself on the back right now, but I promise I'll stop being smug, because yesterday was a day filled with the most delicious junky food. Breakfast was Honest Raw Chocolate spread on my brother's homemade bread, toasted, with banana on top. It was scrumptious and I ate plenty of it, much more than necessary. I followed breakfast, without any pause, with a snack of Rosemary crackers from Woolies, fresh avocado and olive marmalade, my new favourite marmalade. I had ten of those crackers, while watching Clean House:New York. So lazy, so indulgent and so naughty! After getting myself off of the couch, my mother took my brother and I to have Chinese food in Cyrildene, at Mongkok. They make the most delicious Salt and Pepper Tofu and Garlic Pok Choi. I stuffed my face full of the Chinese yumminess and went scouting in the freezers of one of the many Super Markets. They have TONS of different tofu, meat alternatives and what seems to be vegan goodies. I'm going to see if I can get any of my Chinese speaking friends to come help me out in finding things that we can definitely eat.


For dinner I decided to make Ryan something he would be very happy about, as work has been frustrating him this week, and I felt terrible sorry that he had missed all the great food I had eaten all day. He loves lasagne, it's something that we both have a great desire for after a long day. Comfort food and in every possible way, delicious. We make a different version of this dish every time we make it because we don't always have the same ingredients in the house, but this version was great!


Egg-Free Spinach Lasagne Sheets

Lentil and Tomato Sauce

salt and pepper for seasoning
1 tin diced tomatoes
1 tin tomato paste
1 tsp sugar (always add a little sugar to a tomato dish to neutralize the acidity)
1/2 cup dry beluga lentils (cooking time 7 minutes - remember to check if your lentils need soaking)
1 cup water to cook lentils in (but you can add everything to the sauce at once)
4 chopped cloves garlic
1 Bay leaf
1 heaped tbsp vegetable stock powder


2 - 3 Cups Rice Milk
Equal Volumes flour and margerine
1/2 tsp Marmite (Vegemite)
Black Pepper

Mix everything but rice milk together until it forms a thick, well blended paste. Cook this paste over low heat until soft to release the gluten in the flour. Add rice milk slowly and stir constantly. Keep over heat until of the desired consistency and colour. Warning: it becomes even thicker if you turn the heat off and leave it for a while so use immediately.

Assemble all the layers as you wish in an oven proof dish, making sure that there is a layer of moisture on the bottom, and then a layer of pasta on top of it so that the pasta sheets cook thoroughly. End off with a layer of moisture, preferably a layer of béchamel on top so that it can brown and harden. Make double the amount of béchamel if you want really creamy, cheesy lasagne.

Bake in the oven on 180'C for 45 minutes to an hour.

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