Vegan Ice Cream

Free Food makes a delicious chocolate ice cream called Vegan F**k Ice Cream that you can buy in small tubs.

Cold Gold in Stellenbosch makes vegan ice cream!

Many Ola and other garage shop brands have vegan ice lollies including Solero.

Conscious 108 in Greenside makes their own vegan ice cream for consumption at the restaurant.

Woolworths sells a variety of Vegan Sorbets.

Checkers stocks The Real McCoy sorbet which is vegan.

Some Spar outlets stock ONEG which is vegan.

Basset's closed down some time in 2013. A sad loss as they made fantastic vegan ice cream.

Fresh Earth make a vegan ice cream and they had two flavours last I checked: Vanilla and Lemon Cream.They may have added Chocolate to the repertoire, but I find their ice cream grainy and disappointing.

My recommendation, however, is that if you love ice cream as much as my love does, it's time you invest in an ice cream machine. These are some of the most wonderful machines imaginable, they can be pricey, but worth it in every way. Dinner party to go to? Make ice cream to take with. My brother has one of these wonderful machines and he has made us delicious double cream double chocolate Vegan ice cream with coconut cream and cocoa. Imagine all the delicious sugar free sorbets that you can make, or vegan cookie dough ice cream. You can use high quality ingredients and control the amount of sugar that goes into your ice cream. It's one of the first things on my list to buy when I have money, right next to the masticating juicer that I'll use to squeeze juice for sorbets. Carrot and Ginger Sorbet! Yum! Check out Yuppie Chef for ice cream machines. They deliver for free and provide a highly personalized service.

Also see the VeganSA blog for their list of vegan ice cream available in South Africa.


  1. Hi Nikki, its Lenja (from Roedean days)...I just stumbled upon your blog after a friend sent me this link to the Pick 'n Pay vegan products. Good stuff and oh so encouraging. So happy to have found your blog- YAY! =D I don't know if you know the blog site: Its a pretty cool site! Xx

    1. Hi Lenja! How lovely to hear from you! Are you Vegan? How rad! So glad that it's helpful and that you like it! I hadn't seen that site, thanks for the link! it's lovely! We should have coffee or a drink sometime! xxx

  2. Hey Nikki! Love the site! Cold Gold in Stellenbosch makes vegan ice cream according to any dietary requirements (any milk, sweetner, flavour) sugar free sorbets made with only fruit and everything is natural and organic

    1. Hello Janine, Thanks a lot! I'm checking it out :) always great to hear about more places making vegan ice cream ;)