Bamboo Blossom's Monkey Bread

Photo by Natasha from Bamboo Blossom

A friend of mine runs the blog Bamboo Blossom: in which she has a post about her adventures with Monkey bread. Sounds and looks delicious! I am definitely going to try this one!! Looks like a wonderful lazy Sunday morning idea. You can get pre made bread dough from Pick 'n Pay as far as I know, and it should be Vegan. The best bread is, however, from freshly home made dough. Here is a recipe for some of my own ideas for monkey bread.

Bread dough (See Gluten Free option below)

750 g White bread flour, sifted
7 g sachet of fast-acting yeast
2 tsp salt
1 tsp castor sugar
15 g Vegan baking margarine, chilled and diced
350 ml warm water
100 ml warm vegan milk alternative, rice milk preferable

Gluten Free bread flour mix:

375 ml millet flour
375 ml sorghum flour
500 ml tapioca starch
250 ml potato starch

Don't compact flour when measuring. Pour into measuring cup rather than scooping.
Makes 1,5 litres of flour.
Mix well.

Topping and filling:

Add cinnamon, sugar, raisons, finely chopped dried fruit and fresh apple cubes onto (and into if you so desire) the dough.

To finish off the dough sprinkle agave nectar, maple syrup or sugar over the top of the bread with cinnamon sugar. Add some lemon zest if you're into that.

I can't wait to make this! My mouth is watering! Imagine the smell of this baking in the oven!

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