Pesto Princess

The Pesto Princess is a company based in Cape Town that is making some delicious pestos, I have heard. I saw, however, that none of those I could get my hands on were Vegan! To my delight, they responded to my query with a positive that there is a wide variety of their pestos available that are dairy free and Vegan friendly!

This was their response:

Our Red, and Olive and Aubergine, pestos are already dairy-free, and available in retail.

If you live in the Western Cape, visit us for tastings at the GAIA market this Sunday, under the trees and across the road from the Spar at Alphen Village in Constantia.

There will be a fresh batch of dairy-free Basil and dairy-free Thai pesto available, as well as Red, and Olive & Aubergine, pesto, Harissa paste, Chermoula paste and Chimichurri - all suiting a vegan style of eating.

We hear you vegans! :)

Then they sent another response for Joburgers:

This just in! 

Starting next Saturday, we'll have a small amount of dairy-free basil, and dairy-free thai, at the Braamfontein Neighbourgoods Market!

In addition to the Red, Olive & Aubergine, Harissa, Chermoula, and Chimichurri, this will give you quite a vegan range to enjoy... :)

How exciting! Off to the Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein for me!

An example of what the bottles look like. 

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  1. FYI the thai one is AMAZING!!! love it so much..