Health Connection Wholefoods Milk Not Vegan!

As some of you might already know, the Health Connection milk substitutes, such as soy milk, rice milk, oat milk and quinoa milk, are NOT vegan.

All of them contain casein which is derived from cow's milk. This was NOT listed on their old packaging as it should have been. You might have already noticed the new (scary) extended ingredients list on their packages. This violation on our freedom of choice is disgusting.

I am bitterly disappointed that this has happened, it is a violation to our constitutional rights and I will be taking it up with anyone who will listen. I know a lot of Vegans who used this brand for milk alternatives, and it enrages me that we have been lied to and consuming a product containing an animal by-product all this time. It is illegal not to state all the ingredients on your food packaging in South Africa according to the Consumer Protection Act. 

Please, I call to anyone else that this has affected to contact the company and let them know about your disappointment and harm that it may have caused to those with allergies. They should issue a public apology about their terribly poor judgement.

A friend was handed an e-mail by Komatie Foods in Cape Town after she enquired if they have a different oat milk in stock that does not contain casein. She also phoned Health Connection and they confirmed. They also said that all their soy is GM.

I am very upset and I am sorry to share this sad news, but please pass it on to all the other Vegans you know may be buying their products. I will NEVER buy ANY of their products again, no matter what it is.


  1. Letter of complaint sent!

  2. Jonatan26.4.12

    Oh no! I used them daily for four months while I was in South Africa and loved them. And they weren't vegan?! That's really bad!!

    1. We've also been using them for years! It's terribly disappointing and saddening. We feel so mislead and cheated. I won't support those brands anymore, that's for sure.