Fantastic Duke's Burgers in Greenside

Recent responses on my restaurant page prompted me to contact Duke's Burgers in Greenside at which I hadn't eaten in a very long time, for no reason in particular. I remembered that they had several issues that had not been addressed properly so I emailed them. The response I received was wonderful! Not only are they incredibly friendly but they are also very vegan friendly. We ate the Lark burger there last week and it was fantastic. It was so good that I forgot to take a photo! Sorry!

Ari Shapiro answered my following questions:

1. Do you have a Vegan Bun Option?

Our wheat free rolls are made from rice flour and no butter and no egg orderd from Dalia (brynstone organic market)

The vegetarian and vegan menu has always been a strong focus for us , my sister and her friends follow this life style and we know how frustrating  and unsatisfactory some of the veg meals offered in most restaurants.

3. Do your falafel on the falafel burgers contain egg?

Falafel is not made with egg. Chick peas, coriander,onion,spices and wheat free roll as a binding agent.

4. Do any of your veg patties have egg in the mixture?

No of our veg patties contain egg or wheat.

5. Is you hummus vegan, and are the other sauces on the vegetarian burgers vegan (with the exception of those clearly marked as cheese sauces, of course)?

The hummus never made with dairy or wheat. Cooked chick peas ,techina,oliveoil and spices , our hummus is nice and ‘creamy’ because we add extra sesame seed oil.

6. Please could you send me the menu description of your Lark burger, and is it only available on Wednesdays?

A Patty made from nuts/seeds/cumin/carrot/black bean/buckwheat/courgettes/wild mushroom home made mago&pepper chutnny drenched in a chunky home made tomato sauce a served on a lightly toasted wheat free bun 'buttered' with a garlic/herb/olive oil/white bean mayo garnished with fresh herbs, diced jalapeno and grilled red peppers.
For now its only on our Wednesdays night Rock Menu 2, but we are printing a new menu in two weeks and have chosen 3 more veg burgers to add to the menu .

7. Are your vegetable and meat prep sections in your kitchen separate?

Our kitchen is small but WE DO NOT mix the meat prep and veg prep. My wife is the chef and she comes from a Jewish home where she knows not to mix between the two.

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