Bolo'bolo Cafe Review

All of you who are either in Cape Town, or thinking about visiting Cape Town should try to get through to the Bolo'bolo Vegan Cafe in Muizenberg. A short drive or train ride from the centre of town, they make fantastic food and you can find many wonderful Vegan books for sale. Read this review on Urban Sprout. Ask for their Hot Chocolate on a really cold day!

Vegan BLT - Really great! Best BLT I've ever had!
Mash, Brussel Sprouts and Unchicken in Tomato and Coconut sauce - AMAZING
Butternut Burger - fantastic!
We visited Bolo'bolo on Sunday, and it was fantastic! We had amazing Beetroot, Apple and Ginger juice, freshly squeezed as well as the food photographed above. I wish that Bolo'bolo had opened in Joburg! I would eat there every day! They have a wonderful selection of books in the shop as well, both for sale as well as part of a reading library.

Great ideas like pay it forward coffee, movie nights, board-game evenings and special events are certain to make you visit often if you're close to the Muizenberg area. There are also a wide variety of 'Zines available for anyone who is interested, and it is cosy and packed on a weekend!

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