Burger, Fries and a Milkshake

We had the most delicious junky lunch (which will be offset by Roast Vegetable salad tonight, I assure you) of bunless leek and green bean burgers, thin sliced oven chips, oven baked onion rings and beetroot! I also made us banana, orange, pineapple and oat milk shakes in my pink parfait glasses. Yum!

The burger patties are made from a pre-mix that my brother bought me ages ago, so you just add water and any veggies you want to. I always add lightly fried veggies to my burger patties, because otherwise its just seeds and grains in the mix, and I'm not a huge fan of patties that aren't chunky and rich with veggie flavours.

I have the most wonderful vegan burger recipe book that is on my Bookshelf page but I hardly ever use it, and regret not doing so - the recipes in there are amazing! So I felt a little inspired today, whipped out some ingredients I had in the fridge and cupboard to produce something that Ryan was overjoyed about!

It should be a pancakes day, considering it's raining in the middle of winter in Johannesburg, something that is completely uncharacteristic for June in this part of the world, but I was too lazy to make pancakes. Stupidly, I picked something that was even more labour intensive, considering you need to balance the cooking of the fries in the oven, the onion rings in the oven (all from the freezer in Woolworths, I'll have you know), making the patties, frying veggies, frying the patties, getting all the condiments out, making 'milkshake' - pancakes sound like a pleasure in comparison! I must admit, however, that I think this was far better than pancakes.

I topped off the burger patties with wholegrain mustard, vegan mayo, fresh parsley and fresh slices of tomato. The beetroot was bottled beetroot also from Woolworths.

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  1. I love Woolworths onion rings :)