Crudités Anytime!

I love eating raw vegetables with a good dip - Crudités are one of my favourite snacks. Ryan and I absolutely love Hummus, so when we feel like nibbling Crudités are always a good option! We chop up sweet carrots, cucumber and celery, sprinkle some cherry tomatoes on the plate, olives, broccoli, mushrooms and lettuce - include anything else you can think of! We then put together dips - hummus, sweet chilli sauce, mayo, Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Guacamole, Basil Pesto, whatever - toss in some herbs - rocket, basil, coriander - and dip away! Before you know it you're full, and you've just eaten something absolutely delicious! I added some Paprika and fresh coriander to some of the Pick 'n Pay Low Fat Hummus in this photo.


  1. Anonymous4.6.12

    Where do you find tofutti better than cream cheese? I tried the sheese brand but didn't like it.

    1. At Thrupps in Illovo - but it was a year ago - sometimes they have it and sometimes they don't. If you're serious about it then you should email and phone them, if they think there is a demand, hopefully they'll get it in!