Defensive Omnivore Nonsense - Famous Vegans

So this is going around Facebook:

And I would just like to state a few things with regards to this absolute nonsense and this lovely show of ignorance and bigotry. Nigella Lawson has twice the amount of body fat as Gillian McKeith - which is something that generally aids the concealment of ageing. Genetics and access to expensive procedures be they superficial or invasive also changes the way one looks at the age of 51. We have no idea whether this 'health guru' used to smoke, take lots of drugs, sun tan or any of the other factors that speed up the ageing process of skin. Nigella is clearly someone who avoids the sun and its evident from her lack of wrinkles that she has hardly ever, or never smoked. Different bodies age differently, regardless of dietary preferences. It has been proven, however, that one's insides are healthier on a diet that doesn't include any animal products or by products, to the point of reversing illnesses and ailments such as arthritis and diabetes. If you don't believe me, look it up.

Beauty is not something that should be based on looks alone. We keep shouting about how we shouldn't teach our children that the way they look is more important than who they are, but somehow everybody still seems to propagate physical beauty as pivotal to who we are. I am not referring to either of the women in the picture above when I say this, as I don't know what either of them really does with their time or their money, but I would much rather have done something good with my life and look like a wrinkly, normal old person than have focused my energy on being physically beautiful. Compassion, intellect and health are much more important to me. Health is important, and usually, if one is healthy on the inside, it will reflect on the outside. As a feminist, I take offense to the idea that omnivores are basing their meat eating and animal product consuming habits purely on aesthetics. Carol J. Adams has a fabulous lot to say about this. Obviously, when one eats animals, one isn't thinking critically to start with, but this sort of rubbish just makes one look asinine.

If what you look like is all you're concerned about, then perhaps its worth taking a look at lists of Vegans that are as physically attractive (in a mainstream kind of way) as Nigella is.

Wikipedia gives a pretty good overview.
Happy Cow has a comprehensive list of Vegans and Vegetarians through history. end it off on a funny note, here is something you've all probably seen but that I thought was hilarious. Worth printing and keeping in your wallet for weddings, extended distant family lunches and school reunions.

PETA also made their own version which has some typical points made by omnivores but somewhat more aggressive than above. It should be called Even More Defensive Omnivore Bingo.

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  1. I would like to add that I know G McK is a total nutjob. I'm not defending any weird theories she maintains on the subject of fecal matter.