Mugg & Bean - Two Vegan Options

I was stuck at the airport for almost 12 hours a little while back for work, as I was receiving delegates for a conference all day, and by the evening I didn't feel like sitting at Kauai - it just looked so cold and Mugg & Bean looked so warm and inviting. In reality I was just as cold as I probably would have been at Kauai, but I was convinced to try M&B for the sake of my readers by the two menu items marked Vegan with a little V in a box! It was even a bit odd considering they didn't mark off their vegetarian items on the menu with little Vs at all - although there are only 10 vegetarian menu items including the Vegan dishes.

Mugg & Bean has never been a particularly veggie friendly restaurant, so I haven't eaten there in years, not to mention that I don't have much to say for the quality of their meals - even if one eats everything on their menu. Trying them out was a real vote of confidence from me because I've never particularly liked their food and always despised their aesthetic.

One of their two Vegan options is a Moroccan Butternut, Chickpea and Carrot Soup which comes with a slice of doughy bread, toasted a little, with something dubiously greasy on either side of the toast. I'd double check the waitron understands that you don't want butter or margarine anywhere near your food. The soup was pretty good - I was cold and hungry, so it substantially filled and warmed me, and I had few complaints. I did feel a little weird after eating it though, as it was pretty rich and it does taste awfully Mugg & Bean-y. A little ersatz and a little too smooth... but it was good for what it was.

The other Vegan option is the Thai Squash Pie which a fellow SAVS director assures me is delicious! Both options are reasonably priced, and it's lovely to know that chain restaurants like Mugg & Bean are making an effort to include Vegans and their requirements in their menu. I would always specify that you are Vegan, however, just in case.

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