BEing Vegan - Vegan Passport

Here is a wonderful South African Vegan Blog that I love right now! They're regular posters too, so its worth following them, or getting their posts on RSS or Google+. They wrote a post about travelling as a Vegan. I travel a LOT, and I wish I travelled more, and eating while you travel is always a concern, especially when you travel to countries where you are completely unfamiliar with the cuisine or the language. They recommend a couple of great tips on what to do as a travelling Vegan. This little book, The Vegan Passport is the best idea I've heard yet. I know that my communications with Chinese residents of Dunhuang on the edge of the Takalaman Desert went reasonably well and resulted in the most fantastic brocolli, mushrooms and beans with a wonderful spice for dinner on our tour guide's night off, so I didn't go hungry, but it could have been difficult. This little book would have served me well. I have also been lucky enough to have a Chinese friend write a little note for me about what I don't eat and what I do, so I carry that everywhere with me when I go to China. Read BEing Vegan's Vegan Passport Post for more ideas. The great thing about going to China is stopping off in Hong Kong where I always buy a supply of nuts, freeze dried fruit and vegan munchies from a health shop just of Hollywood Road in Central so that I'll survive the moments in between restaurants. You can also stop in at the 7/11 for Oreos or crisps if that's your ball park. Tour guides are a great help, however, as they organised me the most wonderful freshly steamed veggies at all the restaurants. Yum!

I'll write about my Hong Kong restaurant escapades when I have a little more time. There are some of the most fantastic vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Hong Kong. Its a great place for a Vegan to travel to!


Urban Decay Boycotts China and Animal Testing Policy

Urban Decay has declined to sell its products in China, as it goes against their Cruelty Free stance on cosmetics. Read the full article on the site.

Broke-Ass July

So we're all pretty cash-strapped this month. I spent my money irresponsibly, my love had to fix his car, my folks are watching their expenditures, we're all being careful. So I decided, even though we are basically out of fresh ingredients already, to enter into a challenge not to go grocery shopping until payday. I'm nicking toilet paper from my mom, and have run out of Organic Rice Milk, but we've been managing to eat well regardless! I've been making a lot of dishes that include rice, pasta and other dried foods that we have, so as to extend our use of what fresh produce is left in the fridge. I made a list of food we could make with what we have in our cupboards and our fridge, without running into trouble and needing to spend our last Rands.

I've been making wonderful things with dried and frozen ingredients. I made a fantastic Mushroom, 'Chicken' and Pea Risotto on Saturday, which was phenomenal. I made a wonderful Butternut, Lentil, Coconut and Cashew Nut - Three Nut Curry with Basmati rice last night, for five people and had leftovers. I made us delicious bolognese type sauce with some soya mince and a fantastic tubular pasta that looks like 30cm long macaroni one evening. We had hot cross buns (they were in the freezer) this morning for breakfast. Today my mom gave me a ripe avo. I will accept I already proved with the toilet paper. This ripe avo is about to become amazing guacamole that will accompany left over soya mince and fresh tomatoes in a wrap. I forget how much amazing food we actually have, and I think that I go shopping for more food far too often. We haven't even started delving into the baked beans or our veggie garden yet, and we haven't started resorting to buying bread to make peanut butter and jam sarmies. There's still much food in our supply yet, and I won't give up on this challenge I've set myself easily. I think we're out of exciting food much faster than I should do, I'm finding so much inspiration in my attempt to use what we have.

I also baked peanut butter cookies instead of buying them. And without any margarine. High five to me! But I had to scrape the burnt bits off the bottom, so maybe a low five. Recipes and images to follow! Updates to follow too!

On this note, I'm sure you will all understand why there aren't any new products on the Woolies or Pick 'n Pay lists. I'm not setting foot in a shop if I can help it!

Got Milk? You Don't Need It - New York Times Article

This New York Times Article - Got Milk? You Don't Need It is written about the American drive to drink milk and debunks the myths. Fantastic to see an article like this in the New York Times. This is internationally applicable and relevant!

Image by Emily Robertson

Our Animal Natures - Must Read!!

This is a fantastic article about how similar human diseases and disorders are to those of animals. We're truly not so different as some like to imagine. We are just animals too.

Please read this New York Times article by Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, a cardiology professor at U.C.L.A. and Kathryn Bowers, a writer. This essay is adapted from their forthcoming book “Zoobiquity: What Animals Can Teach Us About Health and the Science of Healing,” which is told from the doctor’s point of view.
Image by Dan Winters

Nasturiums and Summer Gardening

Oh, in this terribly cold weather that some people relish, I am dreaming of my little garden and what I will be planting in August. I am SO excited to have a proper vegetable garden this year. Our winter crop has been small, and somewhat neglected by me, but summer will be different. I will put on my wellies and my gardening gloves and don a trowel. After someone stronger than me prepares the soil, that is. Must love the men in my household for muscle definition as well as strength!

I just found this wonderful little gem post that made me yearn for my Nasturiums of 2010!


Lovey Miss Little Bones, Lovely Bones

This wonderful blog is just constantly updated with incredible links! You should definitely try all of these out. I intend on doing so!

Little Bones Olive Spaghetti and Raw Fennel Salad with Pistachio Pesto

How amazing does that sound? Right off the bat? This is probably the one I'll be trying first!
She writes that "fennel makes me happy- it’s my new favourite ingredient since it’s so versatile. It’s also so fresh and crunchy and ever-so-slightly liquoricey." Read the Recipe on her blog.

Lovely Bones Faux Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Creamed Courgettes

This looks delicious! I'm a huge fan of unchicken pie, and I try not to make it too often, because I can't imagine that it's a lean meal by any capacity, but this looks simply irresistible. I've been inspired and I will assuredly be making pie again very soon! My darling will be very happy, I'm quite sure. He made me my favourite food the other night, his creamy Vegan Alfredo tagliatelle so I should return the favour.

No Bones Pasta Bolognese

My brother gets irritated every time that Bolognese is called that, because he says its American, not even Italian, but popular culture determines the naming of food, and misconception about origin is rife - French Fries for instance. They're Dutch. And they eat them with Mayonnaise. Yum! I don't care where they come from, as long as I can have them!

This bolognese looks phenomenal, and nutritious! I think I need to invest in some form of soy mince again. I think its almost time that I make my bolognese, cashew nut cheese pizza again.