BEing Vegan - Vegan Passport

Here is a wonderful South African Vegan Blog that I love right now! They're regular posters too, so its worth following them, or getting their posts on RSS or Google+. They wrote a post about travelling as a Vegan. I travel a LOT, and I wish I travelled more, and eating while you travel is always a concern, especially when you travel to countries where you are completely unfamiliar with the cuisine or the language. They recommend a couple of great tips on what to do as a travelling Vegan. This little book, The Vegan Passport is the best idea I've heard yet. I know that my communications with Chinese residents of Dunhuang on the edge of the Takalaman Desert went reasonably well and resulted in the most fantastic brocolli, mushrooms and beans with a wonderful spice for dinner on our tour guide's night off, so I didn't go hungry, but it could have been difficult. This little book would have served me well. I have also been lucky enough to have a Chinese friend write a little note for me about what I don't eat and what I do, so I carry that everywhere with me when I go to China. Read BEing Vegan's Vegan Passport Post for more ideas. The great thing about going to China is stopping off in Hong Kong where I always buy a supply of nuts, freeze dried fruit and vegan munchies from a health shop just of Hollywood Road in Central so that I'll survive the moments in between restaurants. You can also stop in at the 7/11 for Oreos or crisps if that's your ball park. Tour guides are a great help, however, as they organised me the most wonderful freshly steamed veggies at all the restaurants. Yum!

I'll write about my Hong Kong restaurant escapades when I have a little more time. There are some of the most fantastic vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Hong Kong. Its a great place for a Vegan to travel to!


  1. The best (and cheap) vegan restaurant that I found in HK was Loving Hut. Their food was really great and affordable. I am sure it will be included in your post about restaurants in Hong Kong.

    1. Most assuredly! Loving hut has great food! I always regret I can't eat more of it, so I've only tried a few of their dishes... But the supreme master Ching Hai stuff freaks me out a bit, so there is only so much time I can spend in the Loving Hut. I stumbled across it, the first time I took the Tram to Admiralty. There's also another Vegetarian restaurant that has mostly Vegan food nearby there. It's been there for 100 years! I can never remember how to find it though, and I think my Chinese friends there have become sick of having to explain time and again! Heehee! I'll write this post soon, hopefully. There are so many Hong Kong restaurants to write about!