Lovey Miss Little Bones, Lovely Bones

This wonderful blog is just constantly updated with incredible links! You should definitely try all of these out. I intend on doing so!

Little Bones Olive Spaghetti and Raw Fennel Salad with Pistachio Pesto

How amazing does that sound? Right off the bat? This is probably the one I'll be trying first!
She writes that "fennel makes me happy- it’s my new favourite ingredient since it’s so versatile. It’s also so fresh and crunchy and ever-so-slightly liquoricey." Read the Recipe on her blog.

Lovely Bones Faux Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Creamed Courgettes

This looks delicious! I'm a huge fan of unchicken pie, and I try not to make it too often, because I can't imagine that it's a lean meal by any capacity, but this looks simply irresistible. I've been inspired and I will assuredly be making pie again very soon! My darling will be very happy, I'm quite sure. He made me my favourite food the other night, his creamy Vegan Alfredo tagliatelle so I should return the favour.

No Bones Pasta Bolognese

My brother gets irritated every time that Bolognese is called that, because he says its American, not even Italian, but popular culture determines the naming of food, and misconception about origin is rife - French Fries for instance. They're Dutch. And they eat them with Mayonnaise. Yum! I don't care where they come from, as long as I can have them!

This bolognese looks phenomenal, and nutritious! I think I need to invest in some form of soy mince again. I think its almost time that I make my bolognese, cashew nut cheese pizza again.


  1. Mr Bones has been badgering me to get you to share your "creamy Vegan Alfredo tagliatelle" with us, he hasn't shut about about it since he read about maybe one day, when the inclination hits?

    1. It's a secret recipe according to Ryan, but I'll get it out of him yet! <3