Veganism in the New York Times Oct 2012

In light of New York City and the East Coast being in the news this week, here are some of the October posts in the New York Times that make mention of Veganism and Vegans. I hope all of you on the East Coast keep safe and stay inside like Obama said. "Don't be a hero." Thanks Mr. President. Hug your animals close!

A vegan runner that insists on running the New York Marathon, Sandy or no Sandy: http://marathon.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/29/runners-adjust-but-marathon-stays-on-course/

A family that takes Yoga very seriously:

A reference to a blog that has Vegan recipes:

Vegan Big Mac - This could be fun!:

All sorts of interesting - this is art at its weirdest and most wonderful:

Ben Gibbard's nickname - not good Vegan publicity. There are so many healthy vegans out there! Stop only eating pasta and toast, Ben:

A New York based Indian restaurant with Vegan options:

A quip about Vegan worthiness - is this a reference to awesomeness? I hope so...:

A quote from a Vegan chef... not a significant article, but it seems that there are lots of mentions of Veganism in the New York Times every month:

Vegan Milk Alternatives!:

A great slide show of Vegan options at California restaurants:

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