Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes - Spanish Omlette

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I came across this spectacular blog called Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes (they're not kidding!) a little while ago and thought they are worth a mention. I haven't tried to make this one - nor do I have and TATAMOO Melts for the vegan cheese right now, but it looks like an easy recipe with ingredients that are easy to come by! I think that I may use some cashew nut cream (see Tal Ronnen's Cashew Nut Cream) in this one - it'll be perfect for a no eggs omelette!

As an aside, omelette always reminds me of this little gem from back in 1996. Dexter's Lab was definitely a win: Omelette Du Fromage! Click here to watch the Big Cheese episode from the Dexter's Lab series while you make your no cheese omelette. The real way to say Cheese Omelette in French is 'omelette au fromage' - not that we're going to be ordering it when we're in Paris.

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