TATAMOO Vegan Cheese

It's been a while since I've managed to sit down and write some blog entries. With the festive season over, and the new year in full swing, I'm making time for Carciofi Rosso again. And with the new year, and filling the fridge in this new month, there is something missing from my fridge door, and that is TATAMOO cheese. And there is nothing like sending a shout out for a friend who does something fabulous...

South Africa has an a fantastic Raw Vegan Cheese made by a lovely man called Henni Van Der Westhuizen in Cape Town. He works full time in his kitchen experimenting with the different vegan and raw vegan delights he can create. With his aged raw nut cheeses, his Melts vegan cheese and cashew macadamia mayonnaise (Tatanaise) - he's working steadily towards building up a large variety of Raw Vegan and Vegan products. Rumor has it there may be a yoghurt not far down the line...

When TATAMOO started there was a bit of a shake down from another home grown company - the first (and admittedly trial) name for the product was No Moo, upon which NOMU very quickly contacted TATAMOO. They amicably and speedily resolved the issue, resulting in a much more South African name and one that hasn't been used globally for vegan and dairy-free products. If you want to read about it, check out the NOMU blog post here.

If you don't live in Cape Town, do not despair. I live in Johannesburg and he ships overnight, inexpensively. Order with your friends, as the larger the order, the better your value for money. I'm very excited about his products, it's always wonderful finding something new and fun to try - but when you get to support local home industry, it's all the better!

His cheeses are also available for sale at several markets in Cape Town.

I absolutely loved the Melts on pizza. It really felt like there were bits of cheese on my pizza, minus the fattiness and the grease. The raw cheeses taste really interesting, with deep, rich flavours - the flavour hints of nuts but has a distinct cheese-like feel to it. I do warn that these are reasonably moreish, and the wheels are rather small - all things considered.

But don't take my word for it. Contact TATAMOO and get your hands on that local goodness!

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