Pumpkin Seed Pesto

My lovely friend Natasha runs a blog called Bamboo Blossom where she posts all sorts of marvelous things, including Vegan recipes. She lives with her caricaturist boyfriend Martinus van Tee who has greatly influenced her to get into vegan cooking - a really fantastic cook himself (his pies are incredible).

This Pumpkin Seed Pesto is something I really want to try - I have a packet of pumpkin seeds lying in my pantry, and seeing as I'm on pantry food month (year, possibly) it's fantastic to see inventive recipes for otherwise reasonably inane seeming items.

Thanks Natasha! Will definitely be trying this with some salad! In the mean time, here is a photo of Bamboo Blossom salad with Pumpkin Seed Pesto.

Photo by Natasha Venzke

It's worth looking at his Caricature A Day blog as well as his Website
A caricature of Ryan & I with our doggies:

Drawing by Martinus van Tee

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