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Littlebones is a fantastic blog by a friend of mine and she recently posted about a charity shop in Northriding Johannesburg that donates money to animal related causes.

Take a look at her blog post on SAINTs Animal Charity Shop here and go visit their page here.

I'm about to do a huge clean out of my cupboard. I'm feeling over-encumbered with stuff, clothes I hardly wear, books I'll never read again... I'm sure many of you have the same problem. (#firstworldproblems)

My granny passed away a week ago. After all the immediate sadness and the initial shock, life just carries on with swift momentum. One is left with memories and all the things she accumulated and the question of what to do with it. She had barely anything that she left behind, except for photos of all the people she loved most, a brand new silver Golf she bought at 83 - which she drove until three months ago (she had her license renewed four months ago), her minimal wardrobe and her furniture.

It made me realize once again how little all this 'stuff' we accumulate means, and how little it means to keep it if it doesn't have frequent use or bring us frequent mirth. The most important things in life are our relationships with the humans and other animals we love.

My granny has left me with the lesson that I need to de-clutter my living space, and clutter my heartspace.

We gave all her clothes and medication to the Houghton Hospice, who did a phenomenal job of checking in and supporting her in every possible way while my granny was with us at home. They wrote us the most beautiful thank you letter, and truly appreciated the donation. If you want to donate furniture or clothes, and even books, to another worthy cause - make it the Hospice. They are irreplaceable in their function and value. Their charity shop is in Orange Grove, on the corner of 9th Street and Louis Botha Avenue. There is secure parking off 9th Street.

So give away your stuff to worthy causes - there must be tons of useful things you don't need, lying around your home. Those objects gathering dust may bring someone else joy, usefulness and financial aid to those in need.

Photo by Hannah Lemholt

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