Steve-O becomes Vegan

Celebrity gossip isn't really my thing. I try not to see it. It's boring. Mostly. But Steve-O is a character from my youth that is hard to ignore when placed next to the word Vegan. Many of us would have watched Steve-O undergo all sorts of painful misdeeds in Jackass and resulting offshoots. Steve-O has his face tattooed to his back. His entire back. He's an odd guy. Read the interview with Steve-O here.

This article is pretty interesting to read - I'm surprised that I didn't read it in Vice or Rolling Stone, but maybe he's not important enough anymore. What is important is that celebrities are highly visible people, from the smallest to the likes of Bill Clinton, Ellen Degeneres, Mike Tyson and Alec Baldwin (to mention but a few) who become Vegans for health and ethical reasons; they may make a difference in the visibility of the fight against animal cruelty and they may assist in eventually abolishing cruelty. People tend to consider the actions of their role models. Steve-O also narrates this video for Farm Sanctuary. (Video purportedly contains content that may disturb sensitive viewers.)

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