Tom Kha - Spicy Coconut Soup

Tom Kha and Tom Yum soups are two of my favourite Asian soups. These little Thai wonders are both served as Vegan Soups at Sai Thai in Cyrildene. It's worth going there just to try their Tom Kha soup. My father is addicted to Tom Yum soup. My mom & brother make the best Tom Yum I have ever tasted, and they even leave the prawn stuff right until the end so I can have the soup too.

I'm always curious to try Woolworths packaged meals, and I like to support them when they have Vegan options, so I bought two packs of the Tom Kha. I've eaten their tinned Tom Yum several times, but usually as a desperate search for something Vegan in my mom's pantry, and it's reasonably tasteless, too spicy and disappointing.

Tonight I fried up some onion, cauliflower and broccoli before popping the Tom Kha in the pot. I ended up adding way too many veggies for it still to be soup, but it made for an OK stew. It's pretty spicy, so not for those with sensitive taste buds. I'm not mad about it either, and probably won't buy it again. After tasting the Sai Thai Tom Kha, it's a difficult task to match that fabulosity. (Thanks Kimora. At least you increased my vocabulary by one word.)

But I definitely will be trying to make this at some stage: My New Roots posted a recipe for the Best Coconut Soup Ever. I love this blog, it's absolutely wonderful! I would advise trying this recipe instead of taking the short cut I did. It'll prove to be worth it, I'm positive of that.

Photo by Sarah Britton of My New Roots

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