Vegan Diets Control Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Medicine is catching on to the Vegan way of living as a healthier alternative to the way in which many people eat today. There is so much evidence that you begin to find when you look for it. Take a look at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine if you want to see a group of people who are concerned about ethics in medicine and its practices, as well as this interview on how Vegan diets can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, assisting the chronically ill in controlling these without medicine. The interviewee is on a RAVE diet, one which excludes refined foods, animal products & by-products and vegetable oils. So it's Vegan, but even healthier, by the sounds of it. It's a way to maximize raw food intake, and not to rely on processed foods.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine have also posted this article, citing that, "The vegetarians were also slimmer and had lower total cholesterol and blood pressure. These findings are consistent with other large population studies showing vegetarians have less incidence of and death from heart disease."

I have other links stashed away somewhere, for a blog post just like this one, so I will keep updating this post as I find them. In the mean time, it's worth laying into Google for the health benefits of Veganism.

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