Vegan Valentine - Episode VII - My Valentine

very happy me at the gallery - Photo by Eloise Ello
I had the most wonderful Valentine's Day. Ryan spoiled me all day! We had lunch at the Greenside Cafe, got to watch some West Wing at home during the afternoon (so naughty) and then he treated me to a surprise dinner and art gallery visit in the evening! It was magnificent. I even got love letters. Tiny little love letters that I keep close to my heart at all times. I felt like a princess.

Ryan surprised me for our evening excursion. I got so excited that I started hiccuping and couldn't stop during the whole car ride! He made reservations for us at Sai Thai in Cyrildene, it was a delicious dinner. We drank Coconut and Watermelon slushies, sharing sips over the little table for two. The Watermelon drink is fantastic. It's probably got some sugar in it - but aside from that, it's just watermelon and ice. It reminded me of a little restaurant in Hong Kong I go to in Hollywood Road every time I'm in town. I ate the Tom Kha soup for a starter - it's a dish that blows my mind every time I eat it! Ryan had the veggie spring rolls - they're not as good as the soup. I would recommend trying something else instead. I ate the sweet and sour tofu for my main - it was so good. Their sweet and sour sauce is so well balanced. Ryan had the Green Curry - something I might have next time. They have a huge Vegan menu, which is fun - but frustrating, as I just want to eat all of it!

illustration by Eloise Ello
After dinner we went to an art exhibition closing night in Braamfontein. Friends of mine are running a pop up gallery called the Kalashnikovv at 70 Juta Street. It's rad. They are exhibiting young artists, illustrators and designers - something that isn't happening in the mainstream galleries in Joburg, so it's a breath of fresh air.

I hope you all had a lovely day. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world. I am truly so fortunate in having found such a fantastic partner to share my time with. And it doesn't take Valentine's day for Ryan to make me feel special, it happens every day. Thank you, my darling. I adore you.

Kalashnikovv Gallery, Braamfontein

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