Vfood is a new Vegan food range that you will be seeing on shelves at stores soon. They have a range of different treats in store for you, including Vegan yogurts.

This is their mission statement:

Vfood started out because of the need to see more vegan food products available to consumers in South Africa who are looking to change their diet and lifestyle from a meat based to a plant based way of living. Having travelled extensively overseas we were exposed to a vast variety of vegan products not seen in SA and knowing how good some of these products are we thought it best to try and source them for our local market. In doing so we set out to dedicate all our knowledge and available resources to bringing about a change in South Africa whereby consumers can make an easy choice to stop eating meat because the alternatives are readily available in all major retail outlets. 

Vfood (Pty) Ltd currently have exclusive distribution agreements with Redwood Wholefoods in the UK ( , Pura Vida Raw Bread in Latvia, (, The Vegg in the USA ( as well as a range of products manufactured locally which will include biscuits, rusks and cake mixes for local favourites like malva pudding and milk tart.  

Our goal is to source vegan alternatives both for consumers as well as the food industry in order to facilitate an easier adoption of a plant based diet by virtue of easy access to the food itself. Our belief is that this will go further towards encouraging people to adopt a plant based diet.

Some of our products that we will be launching in selected Dischem stores as well as all the Wellness Warehouse stores in early February include a Vanilla Fudge, Coconut Ice, Fairtrade Chocolate Chip and plain snack bars and a variety of fruit flavoured dairy and soy free yogurts. All products are approved by the Vegan Society (UK).

For more information on Vfood’s products contact or follow us on Facebook (facebook/vfoodsa) or Twitter @vfoodsa

A few of the products to look out for are those below:

Vegan Chocolate Covered Raisins

Black Cherry Dessert/Yogurt

Double Chocolate Flapjack Bars

Soya Free Vegan Yogurts

Dairy Free Fudge

Peach & Apricot Dessert/Yogurt

Flapjack Chocolate Bars

Plain Vegan Dessert/Yogurt

Raspberry Dessert/Yogurt


  1. is the yoghurt suitable for coeliacs?

    1. Hello Janine,

      It would be best to contact Vfood for that - I don't know if it's gluten free, nor if there are any other conditions the product needs to fulfill to be suitable for sufferers of coeliac disease. Please let me know what you find out? I'd be interested in knowing what it is that you need for a product to be suitable.