Watercress and Macadamia Pesto

Fellow South African food blogger Sarah Graham runs a blog called A Foodie Lives Here. There are loads of simple and delicious looking recipes - not all Veggie, but lots that are easy to veganise! Thanks to my lovely friend Robyn for introducing me to this blog.

Her Watercress and Macadamia Pesto looks particularly scrumptious, and it's Vegan - Something I will try out ASAP! Woolworths and Tortellino D'Oro stock vegan packaged gnocchi.

This month I'm on pantry food again as far as I can stretch it - thank goodness for our overabundance of spinach and the delicious herbs growing in our little veggie garden. So in the mean time, I've pulled an image from A Foodie Lives Here.

Photo by Sarah Graham from A Foodie Lives Here

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