Hot Knives - Salad Daze - Vegetarian Cookbook

I'm beyond excited about this book that I found at the Sandton Exclusive books today called Hot Knives Vegetarian Cookbook - Salad Daze. EB Sandton don't have anything else that's interesting and Vegan - except for two reasonably boring Slow Cooking books - so don't bother going there immediately. Rather get your branch to order this for you. It's AMAZING. Or get it here at AK Press or Amazon. The recipes aren't all Vegan, but most of them are. These guys also run a blog called Hot Knives which is fabulous. They've been running it for years and their second book is going to print as I type this, it seems. I hope you can all get your hands on a copy of it! But enjoy their blog in the mean time! Yay for awesome Vegan recipes in Veggie cookbooks!

They have phenomenal recipes - like their Hot Squash Ice Cream on page 118 - or their Winter Seitan and Spiced Carrots... or every other Vegan recipe (and I'm sure the others too).

The Hot Squash Ice Cream is literally roasted butternut with Mulled Maple Syrup, Stout Beer, salt and a little oil on a bed of pecan nuts, sugar and spices.

I know what I'll be making first!

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