Happy Cow

HappyCow is a site that lists vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants, amongst a great variety of articles about other veg concerns and a good number of recipes. This is a site that is community run and contributed to by anyone who registers an account with them. Registration is a quick and painless process and you get to review restaurants listed, add restaurants or even connect with other users.

I've recently been paying a little more attention to HappyCow because I'm about to go to London and they are still the best place on the internet to see where to eat in foreign countries. This lovely site cuts out a lot of trawling of blogs and sifting of information.

In paying attention, I looked at what was listed for South Africa and the Johannesburg listings were a sad affair. The Cape Town list was a lot more thorough, and someone seems to update it regularly, which is great. I wish to urge my fellow South African vegans and vegetarians to participate on this fantastic site. Please write reviews, please list restaurants you go to regularly. HappyCow has provided me with such great assistance in China, Europe and the United States, that I can only hope we can help them provide this service to South Africans or veggies looking to visit South Africa.

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