Perron Mexican Restaurant Illovo

There's a new Mexican restaurant in Illovo called Perron Mexican Appreciation Society and it's quickly gaining momentum as the best in Jo'burg. We've got a few reasonably mediocre and samey Mexican joints and this one seems promising. One of the owners is also vegetarian, so there are great Veg options. Check out their menu! I will report properly when I've eaten there, but in the mean time, I will tell you that people are saying good things on the internet and away from keyboard. The food is fresh, tasty, yummy and the margaritas are divine.

I'm not sure how Vegan friendly they are but I would imagine it would be easy to accommodate vegans. Note that the imitation meat they use is Quorn which is definitely not Vegan as 99% of Quorn products contain egg white. Also, this is a very interesting article about Quorn.

In the mean time, I hope to try it soon and I will write again the moment I know more.

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