Über Vegan - Greenside

Owner of Greenside Cafe and Über Vegan - Photo by Nicki Bentley
Über Vegan in Greenside is the new Vegan shop on the block. Right next door to the Greenside Cafe, it's run by their team and they stock some lovely things. I don't think there is anything in the Greenside shop that you wouldn't find at a number of other health stores but the prices are more or less in the same range and if you live close by it's easy to pop in and grab something if you know they stock it.

They stock some great organic teas, a selection of Nature's Choice and Superfoods products, they stock some milk alternatives, a small variety of vegan and raw cook books that I'm coveting but haven't bought yet and a fun new local range called Ansteys No. 1 Vegan Foods. They make vegan butter and vegan cream cheese that looks delicious, but I am also yet to try these.

Über Vegan - Photo by Nicki Bentley
VeganSA wrote an article about the Ansteys products that you might enjoy reading in full, but it basically just gushes about how delicious the options are and that they're looking at expanding the range of dairy imitations. The fun thing, I must say, will be the butter. It sounds fantastic:

Ansteys also have a Vegan Herbed Cottage Cheese and a Vegan Philedelphia Style Cream Cheese:

There are also a bunch of raw snacks like dehydrated Kale and other Leafy Greens products on sale at Über Vegan. You will also find supplements and vitamins that seem to more or less cover the basics. After a long run of strange little shops that failed in that space, I truly hope that this shop is finally the one that will last, but I think they've got the right idea.

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