Foody Food

As Vegans we get the question about what we actually eat reasonably often. I remember even when I wasn't vegetarian wondering what the hell I was going to eat and finding myself knee deep in recipes and no solutions, and this still happens to me every now and then. In comes pasta, olive oil and herb salt. I plead guilty to doing this more often than is reasonable, working hard is tough on energy and patience for cooking (and I guess, eating badly contributes directly to being too tired to cook).

So there is an amazing solution to this problem at least twice a week if you're busy, curious or just plain lazy but want to eat healthy food without needing to think about what you're going to eat for more than a few seconds. Foody food is a vegan and vegetarian service based in Johannesburg that delivers fresh meals to your home. Each meal is big enough for two to share for one meal, or for two portions, so that there are leftovers for work in the morning. They currently deliver on Mondays and Wednesdays but will consider other days according to demand.

I met this wonderful lady in December of 2014 at a rooftop party in Melville and she was kind enough to invite me to her house to cook for me. I find going to dinner with someone I don't know very well rather nerve wracking. It's intimidating, and my brain churns over the worst case scenarios of spilling red wine on white carpets, stepping on the excitable dog by mistake, insulting their mother/father/spouse/sensibility, crashing my car into their garage door... or just struggling to find anything to say to the person who has so kindly invited me to their home. Of course none of the worst case scenarios played out and we ended up having the loveliest evening, with the most awkward problem being my realization that I had stayed until one in the morning on a weeknight! I can't remember the last time I lost track of the hours that way. But the point, really, is that the food she cooked me was absolutely scrumptious!

The starter was a fresh, crunchy chickpea and veg salad that came with homemade hummus, a homemade slice of pickled cabbage (the only real way to my heart is a good pickle) and quinoa. I probably took longer to eat this than was polite but between my inability to stop talking and my attempt to make the meal last longer, I stretched it out, savoring every bite.

We took a break between the starter and the main course to sit outside and appreciate the cool evening that followed the hot, muggy day. We even received a splash of rain while we sat under the fairy lights in the deep green of the garden she planted with her own hands, breathing in the scent of grass, watching her little dog beasts play the fool.

The main course was what I could smell when I walked through the front door. I had got the hint of something with Asian flavours and the meal that arrived in front of me was steaming with wonderful scents. Fresh leaves of mint, coriander and basil topped a bowl of glass noodles with oven baked, marinated, smoked tofu strips and fresh vegetables. I actually have moments where I crave this meal all over again, still now, weeks later.

As I departed from her house, at the ungodly hour that I finally left, I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't drive into her garage door, and that in fact, meals with strangers can end as meals with new friends. And I definitely prefer the type of friends that can cook like that. Pickles really are the way to my heart. #justsaying.

Give Foody Food a call, I'm always so excited about ventures like this one, where someone truly cares about making a stranger a delicious, artful, healthy veggie meal. Deliveries come with a side of awesome.