About Me

This site is about my own experience of being Vegan in South Africa. I hope that it will help others realise how easy it is to be Vegan in South Africa - regardless of what your reason is for making that decision. A lot of people are amazed at how many options Vegans really do have at mainstream food stores and restaurants. Options make it a lot easier to lead what is deemed to be an alternative lifestyle, and what is essentially a minority choice at this point. Seeing the changes over the years, we have come a long way. When large chains acknowledge the existence of this lifestyle choice, it starts to feel like we're winning the fight for acknowledgement and understanding.

I've been Vegan for several years, and my partner has been Vegan for twice as long as I have. Ryan and our Vegan friends have been a wonderful support system, and a great system of information about where to find yummy things to eat.

This is all about sharing my own discoveries with other Vegans, the Vegan curious and those that are simply trying to host Vegans in their homes or at events.

I love to hear from my readers, so if you have any input or suggestions, please pop me a note.

I have had several comments relating to GM and health concerns. This is not a health site. I am very interested in health, and we focus on being healthy Vegans in our home. We eat well, lots of fruit, exercise, eat lots of raw food - but we also eat Vegan hot dogs, have a penchant for Steers and other junk food, and we love pizza. We LOVE pizza. You will find that many of the products listed aren't necessarily healthy options - everyone needs to take it upon themselves to regulate a balance between Coco Pops for breakfast and a healthy bowl of fruit salad. This site is merely to facilitate the process of being Vegan. If you're anything like me, it's easier to maintain a Vegan lifestyle knowing that I can eat Coco Pops if I really feel like it.

Eat your heart out! (not somebody else's...)