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I am updating this page, please be patient. I don't live in Cape Town so this requires some leg work on my part. Any suggestions?

Vegilicious List of Cape Town Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Cape Town is quite Vegan Friendly for the most part. There are lots of restaurants that are moderately to very accommodating. Please let me know if you have more to add to this list, but these are all the restaurants I can remember for now. Please see Restaurants JHB for national chain restaurants.

Plant Cafe

This vegan restaurant in Buitengracht Street is the only totally vegan restaurant in town at the moment, as far as I can tell. Unless you count the laundry below... It got a rave review in the Sunday Times Food Weekly so I am happily prepared to usher people along to try it. Please let me know what you think! For more happy reviews see Cape Town Magazine, their facebook page, and Veggie Buntch.

I love my laundry

I love my laundry is a little laundromat that serves vegan dumplings. The dumplings are delicious if you can overcome the weirdness that is the venue. The food also takes an age to arrive so I'd recommend buying frozen dumplings and taking them home because your decor is probably better and your food will be done faster. Unless of course you live, say, in Llundudno. Even then.

Bismillah in Seapoint or Gateway is inexpensive and they have great vegetarian dishes without paneer. Remember to check that there is no Ghee in your dish.

The Kitchen

This little Woodstock restaurant is apparently a gem. Definitely worth checking it out!

Sophea Gallery and Tibetan Tea House

I fell in love with a Hong Kong based Buddhist Tea House in Hong Kong Park among the trees and beside a pond of which I dream incessantly. I haven't been to this little place in Simon's Town but it's one of the first on my list the next time I visit.

South China Dim Sum Bar

This little place right at the top of Long Street, where it almost becomes Kloof, is a lovely looking little place. I went inside for their business card last time I was there and the owner was very disappointed that we weren't staying. They will definitely be accommodating and I would probably recommend the turnip cake with some soy sauce. It's one of my favourite things at the aforementioned Hong Kong Tea House, and I'm sure that the Chinese chefs at South China Dim Sum Bar will be making something delicious.

Maharajah Pure Vegetarian Foods

The name of this Rondebosch restaurant tells you everything you need to know.

Masala Dosa

These guys are a tiny little Indian eatery on Long Street in town, wonderfully kitsch decor and they know what a vegan is. They have lots of veggie options that they make vegan on request, so if you feel like something spicy, be sure to stop at this spot.

Vintage India

This Oranjezicht restaurant is supposedly great, and I plan to visit the branch in Johannesburg very soon. They have a great number of vegetarian options, and I can only assume that these can be veganised if they are not already Vegan. I will provide more information once I've eaten at Vintage India.

Kabab Mahaal

This Sea Point restaurant has a bunch of Vegan options worth trying! They also have weekend buffet lunch.


This Long Street Indian restaurant is bound to cater for Vegans. Be sure to check there is no Ghee or Yoghurt in sauces or breads.

Chandani Indian & Vegetarian Restaurant

I haven't eaten here, but once again, the name speaks for itself. Best to try it out! Situated in Woodstock.


This Thai restaurant in Kloof Street has been there for years but I've never managed to eat there. I'm not sure if they have great Vegan options, but they should have a few.


This restaurant on Kloof is one where you will most likely find some lovely Vegan options that are delicious, but expensive. Save it for a hot date!


On Kloof street by the Wellness Centre, this restaurant has a few lovely roast vegetable options. Not many, but what was available was good. They're also open really early for breakfast, and one can order from the lunch menu. I had the roasted vegetable open sandwich on gluten free bread. I would recommend it!

This restaurant in St. George's Mall sounds lovely and definitely has Vegan options on the menu. They don't seem to be open for dinner at any point.


Hudsons is a burger joint on Kloof Street which offers lentil and chickpea patties with any of their burger combinations. The Stack is delicious, obviously without the goat's cheese. Their fries are fantastic and most of their kitchen is open so you can see exactly what's going on in there.

Royale Eatery

A burger and milkshake place on Long Street which is vegetarian friendly, but all their burgers come with Aioli which is a term for garlic mayonnaise - something we didn't know when we ordered. It states that there is Aioli on all the burgers at some point in the menu and describes what it is, but it's easy to miss that. They have a vegan burger on the menu which is Aioli free, and you can add any of the extras onto it. You can also pick any other burger you like and veganise it, but they aren't always very friendly about things. I guess just like all the other restaurants, I'd stress that you have dietary requirements that need to be catered for.

Woodlands Eatery

This little restaurant is owned by a man that has been making me Vegan options for a very long time. He used to be the head chef at Emily Moon in Plettenberg Bay, and Larry's Bar before that. It's a lovely little spot and they make a great veggie burger. Also check out this review and the restaurant next door (facing the bay).

Deer Park Cafe

The owner has a vegan sibling, so there are a few vegan options to speak of, as well as several vegan oriented events like set menu days or buffets. Give them a call and check them out. I really enjoyed my meal there.

Hello Sailor

A lovely little spot on Lower Main Road in Observatory, they have quite a few veg options that could easily be made vegan, and they're super nice guys that run it. Their Mezze Platter was yummy and you can replace the cheese with extra hummus.


This restaurant has delicious pizzas and gluten free vegan bases. According to their head office, their pizza dough is vegan. I don't know whether their pasta is. They have this incredible menu where one can construct your own Pizza and/or your own Salad from their multitude of ingredient options.

The Fat Cactus

Ryan and I stop here every time we're in Cape Town as they're awesome! They open reasonably early and serve their menu throughout the day and evening, so we often stop in for breakfast Fajitas. Their waiting staff are always very friendly and helpful and they will replace the sour cream and other non-vegan items with extra guacamole or whatever else you would like to see more of. The Fajitas come with fried veg, lots of sides and three wraps so it's quite a substantial meal. If you're not that hungry, or just snacking it's a good idea to share it with someone you love...

El Burro

This Mexican Restaurant in Greenpoint is owned by the same folks as Royale in Long Street. There aren't many Vegan options but what they do have is delicious. Some of the Vegetarian options are veganisable. This place has been on top of the cool list for a while, and is a lovely place to hang out with your friends.

Planet Restaurant, Mount Nelson Hotel

The very fancy Planet Restaurant at the Mount Nelson Hotel has a Vegan Tasting menu for two people sharing. I haven't managed to get there yet, but I've heard only good things and it's only R220 per person sharing which isn't that bad for a whole bunch of spectacular and original dishes. I'm a fan of anywhere that makes an effort and acknowledges veganism in this way.

La Mouette

This Sea Point restaurant has a vegetarian tasting menu, so I'm assuming they will be able to make a Vegan tasting menu with prior arrangement. Please phone ahead to book and to ensure you have something to eat.

Addis in Cape


The Africa Cafe

The Africa Cafe in Capetown has a very vegan-friendly menu thanks to their raw vegan daughter organic raw foods, nut milks, nut mayonnaise and raw nut cheese, need I say more? They're open 8am to 4pm weekdays and 9 am to 2pm on Saturday. Find them on corner Shortmarket and Buitengracht streets.

The Raj

Pierneef at La Motte




Mugg & Bean


  1. please don't forget: "Zucchini’s" at 83 Loop St. (Tarquin House) in Cape Town CBD

    their tel: +27 (0) 21 424 8571

  2. Hi! This is a wonderful resource, thank you. I went to Lola's the other day, they're under new ownership - and not particularly vegan-friendly. One or two vegetarian options (veganisable by removing the cheese), and the waitress didn't know what "vegan" means.. Sad times.

    1. I'm so glad that you've found it useful! Thank you for letting me know about Lola's! Funny enough another Vegan friend also told me more or less the same thing this week. What sadness about the waitress! Although I never really enjoyed Lola's. I've altered the blog entry, thanks for the reminder!

  3. Anonymous8.3.13

    I love my laundry does 4 vegan dim sum options everyday and they are mind glowingly good (and gluten free)as well as very reasonably priced.

    1. Thanks! Sounds amazing! I drove past there when I was in Cape Town last - I'll add it to the list! :D