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Pietermaritzburg Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Kara Nichha's Tea Room

Vegan friendly restaurant - take aways only.

Durban Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Also see Restaurants JHB for national chain restaurants and fast food restaurants that would be in any South African city.

I have not personally been to any of the following restaurants, as I have not been to Durban in years. Please let me know if there are any lovely places that I have missed and can recommend to our Kwa-Zulu Natal based friends.

Bismillah is inexpensive and they have great vegetarian dishes without paneer. Remember to check that there is no Ghee in your dish. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and remember that it's an area highly populated with followers of Islam so there isn't any liquor available at the restaurant, making your bill even more affordable! They also sell litre and two litre bottles of soda. Yummy!

Vrushiks Vegetarian Foods

This little North Beach spot is somewhere I imagine to be ideal for the Vegan diner in Durban.

Vintage India

This Morningside restaurant is supposedly great, and I plan to visit the branch in Johannesburg very soon. They have a great number of vegetarian options, and I can only assume that these can be veganised if they are not already Vegan. I will provide more information once I've eaten at Vintage India.

Freedom Cafe

This little Greyville Restaurant is apparently Veg friendly, and I'm not sure of whether they are accommodating to Vegans. Perhaps a phonecall ahead is a good idea.

Earthmother Cafe

This little place in Glenwood is that associated with the health store. They are bound to have some good Vegan food.

Craft Trattoria

This Italian restaurant in Glenashley in Durban North is supposedly very Veg friendly, and hopefully they are also lovely to Vegans. Their pizzas are acclaimed and I am under the assumption that they will be able to veganise them. After lots of research, I have discovered that most pizza places make bases that are vegan - but it is worth checking before you eat somewhere. Italian restaurants also usually have a selection of egg free pasta that one can have with Napolitana or Arrabiata Sauce if that's something you're into. Salads and sauces can be very egg, cream or cheese heavy so ensure that whatever you order doesn't contain any of those.

Taco Zulu

This Mexican restaurant in Florida Road was fantastic when I went to visit Durban several years ago. They make fantastic food, and I'm sure that they should make something that is Vegan. Always check that the Guacamole doesn't contain dairy, some restaurants do that.

Mugg & Bean

A restaurant that I would never have imagined to have vegan suitable dishes, never mind that I wouldn't usually eat there for a multiplex of reasons. There are two Vegan dishes - a Moroccan Carrot, Chickpea and Butternut Soup which was absolutely yummy, albeit a little Mugg & Bean-ish (if you used to eat there before you were vegan, I'm sure you know what I mean). It comes with some toast, which you just need to specify that they should not put any butter or margarine on. They seem to toast it in something greasy and it was a little worrying. The other dish is the Thai Squash Pie of which I've heard rave reviews from a fellow Vegan Society director. That's definitely the one I'll order next time. I counted and there are literally only 10 menu items that are vegetarian on this menu including kids' options and two varieties of toasted cheese. So two out of eight being Vegan isn't too bad going. This restaurant is never my first choice but if I'm stuck somewhere with only a Mugg & Bean again, I won't go on hunger strike.

Little India

This Indian restaurant in Musgrave Road has lots of Vegetarian and Vegan options on their menu according to a helpful Vegan. It comes highly recommended. There is a special mention of their Brinjal Curry, as well as their having options for starters, mains as well as desserts. Sounds great!

New York

New York (ex Amsterdam) on Windermere make a Veg Bunny Chow, but ask them not to put Feta in it. I haven't been to this restuarant, so please make sure that what you are eating is Vegan. Asking them to 'please make it Vegan' should suffice, according to word of mouth.


Hemingways in Glenwood supposedly make a great veggie burger. The restaurant is Vegan friendly, although the burger patties contain egg, the chef is known to make Vegan patties on request. It is probably best to phone ahead and warn them.


This place in Glenwood was recommended as a good restaurant to have a Vegan salad. The lady who reviewed this restaurant from Completely Cooked wasn't very positive about the food or the service, so I wouldn't hedge my hopes on this one.

Billy The B.U.M.S

I emailed Billy the Bums because I saw there were some possibilities on the menu. This is the lovely and enthusiastic response that I got from Paul Brouard at the restaurant:

"Falafels are made fresh from Billy's and no egg is used in this process, we can offer other options such as guacomole or avo should tzatziki be a problem.

Our onion rings are soaked in milk and our Thai Green Curry has dairy cream which we can leave out and we offer a selection of julienne vegetables instead of meat. The Nachos Salsa and Avo contains cheddar cheese and guacomole so one can just remove the cheese.

Our veg of the day is creamed spinach and butternut, however, as I mentioned earlier we could do a stir fry veg that wouldn't contain any ingredients other than olive oil and veggies. We are always happy to accomodate our customers and should vegans like to dine in our restaurant, we will make a dish that is vegan friendly."

I LOVE falafel, so I would definitely try it out. Let me know if any of you have tried their falafel! Thank you, Paul.

Unity Bar

Unity bar sounds like a lovely place to eat and responded more or less the following to my email enquiry:

"Thought has gone into considering the vegetarian and vegan alternatives. At Unity, alterations could be made to provide a vegan eater with some other options beyond the options listed below should we have adequate notice to sufficiently cater for your needs.

As appetizers, vegans could enjoy the marinated Spanish olives. The bean quesadillas may be done without cheese under the bar menu. Our bean curry is vegan, enjoyed with either rice, roti or as bunny chows. The Napolitana pasta sauce is also vegan. (It is always a good idea to check that the pasta is Vegan.)"

Fusion Cafe

A very friendly and accommodating restaurant judging from the email response from Shaun who also knows what being Vegan entails, which is always great to hear! Phone at least a week ahead if you want to make the most of your meal there, and probably good to pop in a reminder two days before to ensure that there aren't any unhappy errors.

"All our Vegetarian marked dishes are egg-free, but not necessarily dairy-free or honey-free, and we make use of different prep areas and chopping boards within the kitchen. We do however, offer variations or substitutions which the chefs tweak on request. Our vegan patrons usually fore-warn us so that we can offer a selection of dishes available on the night."


Indian restaurant in Umbilo.


Sushi, Continental, Japanese - North Beach.

Tea Room at the Durban Botanical Gardens

I don't know if they have any Vegan options, but must be a lovely place to have tea and look over the gardens in Berea.

Jewel Of India

Indian - Elangeni.

The Corner Cafe

They have one Vegan option on the menu and it's a salad. Looks like a good salad though. They're in Glenwood.

Indian Summer

Sunningdale Centre

Sunrise House of Curries

Indian - Morningside 

Jaipur Palace

Indian - Suncoast Boulevard Marine Parade


Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern - Beachfront

Green Mango

Sushi, Japanese, Thai - Morningside

Oyster Bar

Sushi - Victoria Embankment

Capsicum Restaurant

Indian - Britannia Hotel - Durban Central

China Plate

Chinese - Umgeni Riverside Park

Mo Noodles

Fusion, Thai - Morningside


Fusion, Indian, South African - Morningside

Spiga D'Oro

Pizzas, Italian - Morningside


Italian/Bistro - order the My Name is Earl Sandwich (sans feta), Chickpea Butternut and Feta salad (sans feta), Aglio e Olio (hold the cheese), Risotto Bianco (hold the cheese) add peas or mushrooms and their Pizzas look great! Obviously check whether the Pizza bases are Vegan.

Al Khair Eastern Diner

Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern - Durban Central

Angelo's Trattoria 

Italian - Umhlanga


Owner is Vegetarian, lots of options. Email them.

Bamboo Sushi Lounge

Sushi - Umhlanga Rocks

Bangkok Wok

Thai - Morningside and Umhlanga

Beanbag Bohemia



Amazing salads, veganisable breakfast options, great veg side - Umhlanga


Their pizza bases are Vegan at all their branches according to management - Gateway


Sushi, Asian

De'Ma Restaurant


Ciao Bella Restaurant

Italian, Deli - Waterfront

Circus Circus Cafe

Chain all over DBN Area - Take a look at their separate Vegetarian Menu.


For a restaurant that claims to be a health restaurant, they don't have a single Vegan option on their menu. Health Fail.


DON'T bother eating here. They're rude and don't consider vegans in their menu, or off-menu.


  1. Thanks to Anne Rachel Campbell for her assistance with recommending New York, Yossis and Hemingways among other restaurants that were already on the list.

  2. Thank you to Bruce Boome for suggesting Little India.