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Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Pretoria

Also see Restaurants JHB for national chain restaurants and fast food restaurants that would be in any South African city.

Ginger and Fig

The Ginger and Fig in Pretoria is a very special little restaurant. They specialize in burgers and milkshakes. We were invited for a friend's birthday and we had the most wonderful experience with this little gem of an eatery. I contacted them a few days before the event to ask about menus and what they have for us, because I tend to worry about making a scene at a friend's party, it's always so embarrassing for the host if some of their guests go hungry. From the first moment of correspondence the chefs were excited about what they could make us and grateful that we had given them a head's up, but I kept my expectations low. When we got there, they had printed new menus to include the Vegan options. The burger was probably the best Vegan burger I have ever eaten. They made us a special tofu mayo to go with it, and a chocolate, orange and avocado milkshake that blew my mind! I would heartily recommend this burger joint to anyone. Let them know a day or two in advance that you're coming and they will go to great lengths to help you.


This little Hazelwood restaurant is lovely. Make sure to book a table for evening. They are vegan friendly and accommodating. The penne arrabiata is great. Their salads are also delicious minus the cheese.

Lucky Rodrigo

Very cute American Diner vibes. Good decor, good atmosphere. This restaurant makes a veg burger that you can veganise. Best is to specify what you don't eat - and check they don't butter the buns. The Veg patty is vegan. This place serves lots of vegan craft beers.


This place supposedly makes great pizzas, but can be a little pricey. Bugatti's has Vegan pizza bases. A warning however: The restaurant next door, Parrots use milk in their pizza dough, so they're a no-go.

Cherry Berry CafĂ© 

In Jean Avenue, Centurion (across the road from a Gautrain bus stop) isn't normally a vegan place, but we have meetings there sometimes and they always have something for me.  Granted, it's usually some Fry's product with some blanched veggies on the side, but they can make do in an emergency.  I'm sure they have some Fry's things in stock in the fridge so even if you don't let them know in advance (as I always do), I'm sure they can whip up something.  It's a great place for business lunches and meetings - they have little private rooms with doors and various sized tables all over the place.  Very nice atmosphere in general.  Only open during the day from 7:00 to 16:00 though (guess they primarily cater for those business breakfasts and lunches).

Pure Cafe

This little place in Church Street in Colbyn claims to have delicious vegetarian items on the menu - perhaps they can make something vegan for us! Check it out and let me know if there is any legitimacy in keeping them on my list!

The Tea Cafe - CLOSED

NB: Not sure if this restaurant is still open.

This little restaurant in Brooklyn doesn't have anything vegan on the menu, but they can veganise something for you. I got a quip about lettuce leaves from one of the owners but they gave me a vegan version of their Tom Yum soup which was absolutely delicious. He had also offered a roast veg salad, so on no warning they could produce two vegan meals which I'm rather impressed with. They have a tiny menu that changes daily most likely, so it's impressive. They're in Milner Street on the hill, on the way to the Country Club.

Vegan Tom Yum Soup at the Tea Cafe in Brooklyn, Pretoria


This Indian Restaurant in Brooklyn has a large variety of Vegetarian dishes that look like they're easy to Veganise. Check out their Menu. They are reasonably expensive and their food isn't mindblowing, so not necessarily justifiable as your weekly curry joint. It is a really beautiful restaurant though and impressive for a hot date!

Namaskar Restaurant

This Hatfield Indian restaurant is accommodating to Vegans and they have great food! This is a friend of mine's favourite treat out in Pretoria.  Their food is pricey but the food is so good that it may be worth it!  The restaurant itself is pleasant and quite upmarket.  They have a lot of vegan food, but nothing is marked as such on the menu.  The waiters aren't informed about vegan food, but at least one of the owners is always present and they're extremely helpful and patient in repeating which things are vegan.

Simply Asia

There is a Simply Asia at Brooklyn Square. This little fast food joint makes a variety of vegan dishes. Check the website for further queries or if you're looking for their menu. Almost all dishes on the menu can have meat replaced with Tofu, and egg noodles replaced with rice or rice noodles. It's lovely to find an accommodating little venue!

Kung-Fu Kitchen

There are branches of Kung-Fu Kitchen in Centurion, Atterbury, Brooklyn, Hatfield, Lynwood, Montana Crossing, Reds and Wonderboom. Apparently they make a great tofu dish, but I haven't tried it yet! Their Vegan options - always check, please! - are supposedly their Vegetable Soup, Veg Spring Rolls, Vegetable Chop Suey and Beancurd & Brown Sauce. I assume, as with most Chinese Restaurants, that their noodles are egg noodles, which means that their Chow Mein won't be Vegan but why not ask if you're curious. They also make Sushi so that adds to the Vegan options! Just always specify that you don't want the mayonnaise!


An amazing fast food place with loads of Vegan options and meat replacements. All the food is healthy and tastes magnificent! They state clearly that one of their curries (the yellow curry if memory serves me) contains shrimp paste, but their Green Curry Noodle Bowl is definitely vegan if you take the veggie option. Yay for them stocking Fry's 'chicken' style strips, so now you can order almost anything on the menu and just add those instead of the meat product! Hoorah!


There is a Tashas at the Brooklyn Square. They make some great salads that are easy to veganise! Be very specific though, they're super busy and the waiters are under loads of pressure to rush. They also have a lot of 'sides' that are delicious, simple, steamed veggies and their fries are fantastic if you feel like something greasy. Also try their breakfast options, some are easy to veganise!

Read my blog entry! The "Very Vegan" pizza is 100% vegan, and all pizza bases are vegan according to their head office. Pasta is not vegan, so order the Gluten Free pasta should you wish to eat any of their pasta dishes. We love Doppio and eat there often!

I have not been to one of these pizza restaurants but they have supposedly delicious pizzas and gluten free vegan bases. According to their head office, all their pizza dough is vegan. I don't know whether their pasta is so it's best to ask.

There are some vegetarian pizzas that can be converted into vegan pizzas, but my experience at Piza e Vino (Rosebank branch) is worse every time I end up there, so I will not go there again. There is always cheese on the pizza I order even when I specify.


Their veggie burgers are quite yummy, their buns aren't bad and if you're into it, as for some pineapple. The lemon and herb dressing looks quite creamy but they assure us 100% every time that there is no dairy in it. Many of the Nando's dressings available at Pick 'n Pay and elsewhere are definitely vegan, so I'm not too worried. Make sure to specify that you don't want mayonnaise and as memory serves, they don't butter the buns. They also have a pita option but I don't know if the pitas are vegan.


Of course Steers is right up there with Nando's, MacDonald's, KFC and such awful chains on the ethics list, so I always feel a bit disgusting supporting them. And every time I do eat the food I regret it afterwards, but they have a vegan burger that is edible, and quite satisfying when you've had a big party the night before. Finish off with Creme Soda or Iron Brew to top the disgustingness. And don't forget to order the chips, they're the best slaptjips covered in a spicy (and alarmingly delicious) seasoning.

Andiccio/Andiamo 24

Pizza. Pick your own toppings. Overpriced and overrated. Open 24 Hours. What more can I say?


This chain makes delicious falafel, but there has been some debate about whether the pitas are vegan or not. They sell pitas in Pick 'n Pay which are vegan, judging from the ingredients so I'm not too worried about it. Definitely not an every day choice, as deep fried is never really recommended - especially considering they may be deep frying in palm oil.

Mi Vami

This chain also makes edible falafel, but everything is oily! Not sure if there is anything else on their menu that's vegan, but they have a very large menu that should contain one or two other vegan options. The great thing at Mi Vami is that you can order a small portion of the falafel with a smaller pita bread, for those of us with smaller appetites and less oil tolerance.


I wouldn't recommend eating here, but they have a vegetarian burger that can be vegan so long as they hold the cheese. The Guacamole is vegan at Wimpy, so if it's your only option on the way down to the coast I would say order double chips and guacamole instead of the burger. They deep fry the patty, which makes it disgusting, so if you're dead set on a burger, order it microwaved if you can to save yourself the bitter disappointment of innumerable serviettes that still don't drain the oil from your patty. Have it with guacamole, some caramelized onions, and maybe a pineapple ring to make it more exciting.

Vovo Telo 

This bakery's hasn't had anything vegans can eat on the menu since they've opened. Sure you can convert their one dish that isn't entirely cheese based, but why bother? I can make mushrooms on toast at home. Their bread is supposedly delicious but that doesn't redeem their restaurant. I hope that they have added Vegan options since I wrote this post.


Mimmos at Centurion Gate Shopping centre as well as the @ease centre in Jean Avenue have confirmed that their pizza bases are vegan. They're very accomodating, understanding and their pizzas are really nice. I have a suspicion that their brinjal topping might be crumbed and not plain brinjal (and thus possibly have egg in it), so it's best to ask. All Mimmos restaurants should have Vegan bases as they're a chain restaurant.

The Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit 

A lovely place to go and have a lunch.  The best day to go is on a Sunday (when there's not some big festival on) since they serve a public lunch at 12:00 in the main courtyard. Most things should be vegan as traditionally, dairy isn't part of Chinese cuisine. There may be egg in some of the food though, so best to ask. The difficult thing there is that very few of the monks and trainees speak English very well.  The two most fluent English speakers are Sipho and Helen, but they both work at reception. There's also a little coffee shop inside the main guest house where people can eat on other days. The only vegan things they sell there are the dumplings and spring rolls.  They sell cake there that definitely has egg and dairy in it. At the very least absolutely everything there is meat-free.

Mugg & Bean

A restaurant that I would never have imagined to have vegan suitable dishes, never mind that I wouldn't usually eat there for a multiplex of reasons. There are two Vegan dishes - a Moroccan Carrot, Chickpea and Butternut Soup which was absolutely yummy, albeit a little Mugg & Bean-ish (if you used to eat there before you were vegan, I'm sure you know what I mean). It comes with some toast, which you just need to specify that they should not put any butter or margarine on. They seem to toast it in something greasy and it was a little worrying. The other dish is the Thai Squash Pie of which I've heard rave reviews from a fellow Vegan Society director. That's definitely the one I'll order next time. I counted and there are literally only 10 menu items that are vegetarian on this menu including kids' options and two varieties of toasted cheese. So two out of eight being Vegan isn't too bad going. This restaurant is never my first choice but if I'm stuck somewhere with only a Mugg & Bean again, I won't go on hunger strike.

Fournos Bakery

Fournos Bakery in Centurion - This bakery makes incredible bread, especially their Olive Ciabatta and when they have their flat bread with toppings on. You can also eat at the actual restaurant because they have vegan options! I've only tried the open sandwich with avo, lettuce, rocket, carrots, hummus, cucumber, tomato and more ingredients I can't remember. It was huge! I saved half of it to give to my lover! Yay for salad sandwiches on great bread!


  1. The service at Simply Asia Brooklyn is pretty appalling. Just ordered here and no one seems interested at all.
    Also, no one really seems to know what's in anything they make (including the chef).
    The manager just lurks around and doesn't offer any support to his apparently clueless staff.
    The food was okay, but overall also not a great experience.
    Oh, also - they were playing gospel music when I went in there - I thought it was highly inappropriate. It's not a Christian coffee bar...

    1. I'm sorry to hear that! That was the first one I ever went to - possibly 6 years ago they were much nicer! You should contact the company and lay a complaint. Businesses need to know what customers are moaning about. It's inadmissible that they do not know what the ingredients are in their products. The rest of the stuff is irritating, but a restaurant staff is obliged to know what is in the food.


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