Restaurants Joburg

The following is a working list to which I will keep adding names and locations as we discover more options. It is very important to always tell the waiter that you are vegan, and to detail what that entails. If the waiter does not seem to know what is in the dishes, it is best to ask for the manager or the chef. Chefs are unlikely to be available to come chat during a very busy service, so best to be considerate of that. Please leave feedback in the comments section.

The Greenside Cafe

The Greenside Cafe in Greenside is one of two Vegan restaurants in Johannesburg. The first to open in the city since our well loved and missed Earth 2. The Greenside Cafe is vegan cafe that has some really great dishes, lovely desserts and fresh fruit juices. This is a must, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. There is a fantastic selection on the menu, albeit pricey. Closed on Mondays and weeknights. The image is from this blog until I take my own photo. Their raw options are absolutely mind-blowing. Try the raw tarts.

Conscious 108

A new Vegan restaurant in Greenside! It makes naughty vegan food, so sandwiches, wraps and bunny chow with seitan meat alternatives, mayo, vegan cheese, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, ice cream and all sorts of other delicious menu items including a hot chocolate with turkish delight in the bottom of the glass.

Free Food

This Corlett Drive restaurant is run by Ariel Cohen who started the Free Food company. You may have seen products at health stores and speciality food shops all over South Africa. The menu changes often and the food is hearty. The service is very friendly and the communal table adds warmth and a sense of community to the place. They also sell their deli items at the restaurant, so go stock up on ready made meals and Vegan F**k Ice Cream.

The Great Eastern Food Bar

This Melville spot makes amazing vegan dumplings and shiitake mushroom buns. They serve fish, but anything without fish on the menu is vegan. Try the green papaya salad and the leek dumplings. They serve delicious beer, the decor is beautiful and they have a view over the Joburg trees and Westcliff ridge. Good for sundowners. Must book for evenings as they're very popular.

La Cucina di Ciro

La Cucina di Ciro in Parktown North - The head chef Ciro is a wonderful Italian man that is very vegan friendly. As of late 2013 the restaurant has introduced a Vegan chef and baker, Zeus Gusson. The Pudding Shop, which is at the back of La Cucina di Ciro, bakes wonderful Vegan goods and runs an entirely vegetarian kitchen, separate from the main kitchen. There is a full Vegan menu which ranges from raw and healthy, to naughty and sugary treats like Coconut French Toast with Almond Milk Coconut Ice Cream. A treat! The restaurant is expensive, so expect to pay quite a price for what you order, but I promise you, it's worth it. Ask to speak to Ciro, Klara or Zeus if you want to hear more about their endeavor.

Taiwan Vegetarian Restaurant

Taiwan Vegetarian Restaurant in Kensington is fantastic. They know what a Vegan is and they are very accommodating. They can make most of their dishes Vegan. This is a small family run business close to the Eastgate shopping centre and Bruma Lake. Their food is delicious and inexpensive. I would recommend this restaurant to all Johannesburg based Vegans, Vegetarians and lovers of Asian food.

Leafy Greens

This wonderful Vegan restaurant in Muldersdrift is out by the Cradle of Humankind next to wedding venue and Italian restaurant Casalinga. They make a spectacular Vegan buffet for lunch on weekends and they have an adjacent Vegan deli and shop. It's a drive out there from the centre of Johannesburg, but well worth it and a lovely day trip out. They also have a bakery and fresh juices and smoothies. This little place is on an organic farm and use their own produce in their food. They're expensive, but probably worth the lovely setting and going to a restaurant that serves only vegan food! Also worth calling before you go to ensure that they're open. Enquire about honey, I've heard rumours that there may be honey in some of their food.

Fruits and Roots

Fruits and Roots in Bryanston sells vegan and vegetarian products in their shop. I have heard disappointing reviews about the restaurant food and vegans are not a priority.

Fresh Earth

Fresh Earth in Emmarentia is a vegetarian restaurant. They also have a shop stocked with products such as the Free Food range, freshly baked gluten free breads, imported and local goodies as well as pre-made meals and those wonderful meat replacements by a local Chinese manufacturer Yuh-Der. They also stock fresh tofu made locally and some organic vegetables. Fresh Earth has animal by-products in most of their food, and in the past I have found them to be less than accommodating, as well as having had several terrible meals served. If you stick to the Vegan burgers on the menu, you should fare well. There are restaurants I would much rather go to.

Sai Thai

Cyrildene Thai Restaurant Sai Thai comes highly recommended by a veganish friend (he eats confectioneries at his granny's house - she doesn't understand) as well as several magazines. Their business card states that they are 'The Winner of Dine Award Top 10 Everyday & Top 100 Restaurants in South Africa' so I'm quite excited to try them! I will let you know when I do, but I warn you that you need to book a table if you want to eat here. I've only walked in to pick up a business card, and it's a very cosy little place that doesn't seat many customers. It's a little dark for my liking, but the food is probably so good you won't even care.

The Good Luck Club

This lovely little noodle bar in Illovo opened in March 2012 and is definitely worth a visit. Situated between Wolves and Andiccio 24 on Corlett Drive it's a beautiful little escape from the busy street with a fantastic menu that has plenty of Vegan options. To peek at what the place looks like go to the owner Angie Durant's blog Lucky Pony, and to see the designer's work look at Nicholas Christowitz of Says Who's blog.

Vegan options on the menu include Veg Spring Rolls, Veg Summer Rolls, Edamame Beans, Miso Soup, Sweet & Sour Beancurd Soup, Bukchoy noodles with Garlic Mushrooms, 5 Spices Tofu and Yellow Potato Curry. They have a choice of rice, Pad Thai noodles or Rice Noodles for vegans. The Pad Thai noodles are the flat ones that look like fettucine, and the rice noodles are skinny little noodles that are delicious! It's great to have a place that you know you can get a gluten free vegan meal with hearty portions and a wonderful atmosphere. You will find me eating at The Good Luck Club on repeat.

Simply Asia

This little fast food joint makes a variety of vegan dishes. They are a chain all over Gauteng, and possibly the rest of the country. They have their menu online. Almost all dishes on the menu can have meat replaced with Tofu or soya chunks, and egg noodles replaced with rice or rice noodles. It's lovely to find an accommodating little venue!

Possum's Bistro

A little Parkhurst bistro, this restaurant has surprises like Chocolate Vegan ice cream, a Veg burger
and amazing salads. The atmosphere is wonderful, perfect for a romantic date or to treat your mom!

The Schwarma Company

This restaurant makes food for sit down as well as take away. They make the best falafel and hummus I have ever tasted. Hands down. Nutmeg is their (not so) secret ingredient in the falafel, which melts in your mouth. They have many more options to fill your pita with and their chilli sauce is tasty and a little spicy. Sunday night take aways are always a good idea if it's their falafel!

The Wolfpack

This restaurant apparently has vegan burgers. I haven't checked or been here, so don't just take my word for it. I have heard some pretty bad reviews of this place including that the burgers are expensive, mediocre and the service shocking.

Nan Hua Temple

I've only been to this temple on Chinese New Year once and it was lovely! It's definitely worth a visit but I think I would prefer it on a quiet day. Taiwanese style vegetarian cuisine is served daily 9am to 4pm. Sundays see blow-out buffet lunches. Nan Hua Road, Cultura Park, Bronkhorstspruit, North West. Tel 013-931-0009.

Spiceburg isn't what it used to be but they still have pepper gobi, which is great. Ownership has changed and the menu has been dramatically pared down. There are far less vegan options now but the few that are available are still good.

Dosa Hut

The Dosa Hut has quite a number of options for vegans on the menu and the food is tasty.

The Raj

This Indian food chain has a very large vegan and vegetarian selection on their menu and comes recommended.

Vintage India

This Illovo restaurant is supposedly great, and I plan to visit it very soon. They have a great number of vegetarian options, and I can only assume that these can be veganised if they are not already Vegan. I will provide more information once I've eaten at Vintage India.

Baps Shayona

I haven't been to this restaurant yet but I've heard lots of good things! Inexpensive! Go! Only open during office hours. There's a branch in Mayfair as well as in Lenasia.

Harry's Cafe

This little take away shop at the Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg is absolutely fantastic and they have a HUGE variety of Vegan options - Polony Sandwiches, hot dogs, very spicy Masala chip dog rolls, fantastic burgers which all use the Fry's range for meat substitution. Just make sure to mention that you don't want cheese or butter on anything. My mouth is watering just typing this. They're in the open section on the bottom level, by the funny spiral staircase, shop number S216.

District 6 aka D6

D6 in Emmarentia - They only have one vegan item on the menu, but just remind them that you are in fact vegan and they will bring you the most wonderful curry, accompanied with delicious assortments of relish.

Bismillah in Fordsburg is inexpensive and they have great vegetarian dishes without paneer. Remember to check that there is no Ghee in your dish.. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and remember that it's an area highly populated with followers of Islam so there isn't any liquor available at the restaurant, making your bill even more affordable! They also sell litre and two litre bottles of soda. Yummy!

The Univeristy of the Witwatersrand also has a vegetarian/vegan friendly curry restaurant where the food is filling and very affordable. A meal will cost you under R10 and it's found at the far end of the Matrix centre at WITS. Definitely worth a visit. The menu changes daily, so you could potentially eat there every day, although the food can be a bit greasy and the curry quite potent. It varies. The Chinese Take out at Wits also has huge and amazing vegetable spring rolls, if you feel like something cheap and greasy.

Kara Nichha's - Midrand

There is a vegetarian curry shop in Midrand at Halfway Gardens Shopping centre. Take aways only.

Cafe Mexicho

This Mexican restaurant in Melville is great. The ambiance is lovely, it has lots of interesting characters that eat there and the decor is kitschy cute, with wooden swing doors - like those of a Saloon in the Wild West. It's a Melville venue with plenty of history, and I personally remember it being a series of different ventures; most remarkably a butchery while I was growing up in Auckland Park (my first memories of hating the meat industry), followed by a sushi bar which quickly turned into just a bar, and a favourite place to party, Tokyo Star. The party nostalgia I had from this venue drew me back initially and I wasn't too impressed at the beginning. We've had a few dining disasters there like undrinkably salty margaritas, some of the drinks are really expensive, and at times their food has been below par for my tastes. But! (And there is a but!) Cafe Mexicho now has a new, authentic, Mexican Chef - supposedly. The food has been much better the last couple of times we've eaten there, and so has the service. They have a couple of options that you can veganise, but you do need to ensure that you ask for vegan guacamole - their normal recipe contains cream cheese. You also need to be certain that your waitron has understood that you do not want cheese, meat or sour cream. A lot of reviews say that it's cheap Mexican food, but it really isn't. Expect to pay what you do at any other restaurant. Luckily, the vegan options are the least expensive, as usual. Other than these  bumps, the food is pleeenty delieeecious, you should not be disappointed. The hot option really is HOT, so not for the spice cravings of the inexperienced. It's OK to take the mild option, really.

Mama Mexicana

A mexican restaurant in the Maboneng district with some Vegan options, if you request them. The guacamole is vegan, but keep checking, because you never know when a restaurant decides to change their recipes!

Mexican Fresh

This little Mexican joint in Craighall and Epsom Downs seems to know all about Vegans. I emailed them and their response was enthusiastic and encouraging! The lovely Brand Manager sent me the following response, and I thank her! She lists menu items that we can eat and even suggests that we can bring our own Vegan Cheese should we want to:

"• The veg fajita – the only thing that wouldn't suit a vegan is the sour cream – which is served as a side with this dish and definitely will not be missed. I try not to eat animal products wherever possible, so always skip the sour cream, and for me, it makes zero difference – this is a delicious meal and great for vegans as it contains so many flavourfully prepared veggies and the refried beans for protein
• The plain nachos (with no cheese) - seriously divine with guacamole and salsa, and way healthier without the cheese anyway! Here also just give the side of sour cream a skip (we could replace it with a side of refried beans for you)
• All the burritos – just ask for them without cheese. Cheese is a minor ingredient in our food (some people think it's all drowning in cheese, but we definitely are not about that!) Again here, we could do a side of refried beans instead of sour cream
• Plain Mexican salad – ask for it without blue cheese – super yum
• Veg enchilada – just ask for it without the feta and cream on top"


This lovely little restaurant in Braamfontein makes vegan cupcakes every now and then, the most fantastic lemonade, and will always make a plan to veganise something for you. The owners are lovely, and if you have any queries while you're standing at the counter, ask for Eric or Dave.

Moemas in Parktown North - Moemas is difficult in terms of delicious temptations that could just drive you crazy with desire. The windows are packed with amazing looking non vegan confectioneries and pastries. Curses! The menu isn't accommodating to vegans, but there is a lunch buffet that usually has several delicious vegan options. The owner is reasonably clued up about veganism, so if you're struggling, ask for him. The food is very expensive, so watch out how much you're piling on your plate. You could end up paying R150 a plate quite easily.


They offer some really good salads that are easy to veganise! The butternut salad is the best by far. Add olives, no cheese, no dressing and you have a phenomenal meal! Be very specific though, they're super busy and the waiters are under loads of pressure to rush. There are many of these lovely restaurants over South Africa by this point. If you're in Johannesburg, the Tashas le Parc at Hyde Park and the Tashas Morningside in Johannesburg offer the widest variety of Vegan and Veganisable options, but the butternut salad is available at all of them. Melrose Arch and Fourways both have added several Vegan options to their menus. This is an example of a restaurant that runs like clockwork and the staff know exactly what's going on at all times, from my experience at the different branches. They hire spunky and interested waiting staff that bring you what you ordered and recommend what you may like, according to your preferences. They will even go sofar as to make you avo ciabatta toast for breakfast. Bring on the fries and ketchup! Their steamed spinach is also fantastic. Order veggie sides, you shall not regret it.


They have several Vegan deli items and some nice options on the menu. Try the Veggie Burger without the Aioli, replaced with tomato relish. Breakfast you can try the toast and jam, fruit salad - and perhaps you find something I haven't seen. I suspect they can whip out an avo, hummus and some onion marmalade should you wish for it, but you'll have to see for yourself. They're always packed - expect to wait.

Yo Sushi

Yo Sushi in Parktown North - So I love Sushi and I just look past the fact that everything is prepared on the same surfaces. It happens like that in every restaurant - you just happen to be seeing it while eating here. Yo Sushi staff are always super friendly and accommodating, they will make you vegetarian fashion sandwiches without mayo on them, as well as lovely hand rolls (specify without mayo), and their vegetable spring rolls are deliciously mushroomy. Their miso soup is vegan and I'm sure they could whip up a fried rice without any egg, as well as an egg free tempura batter on request. Just ensure that you always specify that you don't want any mayonnaise or egg in anything and you're ready to go. They also have this wonderfully weird tasting yellow pickle that goes very well with avo - ask them to put some of that in a fashion sandwich for you. The avo is usually ripe and creamy. As you can probably tell from the length of my description, this is one of my favourites. I love to eat the Inari Sushi - a sweet soya wrapper that is filled with rice, but specify no mayo.

Real Sushi

Real Sushi in Greenside - A happy alternative to Yo Sushi in Parktown North. They have wonderful strawberry and avocado rolls as well as delicious edamame which the former doesn't have on the belt. Their sushi is about the same price as Yo Sushi, and also delicious. The avo isn't always as ripe as Yo Sushi's, the waiting staff look like they want to die and are unhelpful at the best of times, but the beer is cheap! The Inari Sushi is also really good, but make sure they hold the mayo. They add sesame seeds to their Inari which is a lovely change to the Inari from Yo Sushi. The spring rolls are very oily - too oily for my liking so you'll probably want to skip those. Often very full around dinner time so you may have to wait for a spot.

YuMe Sushi Dim Sum and Noodle Bar

This menu is enormous. This makes it a little daunting. There are plenty of vegetarian options, and I have - by now - tried every single Vegan option on the menu and I am still less than impressed. Their rice is dry. I can't help it, I really tried to like this place, but everything tastes fishier than usual, and the rice is dry. Yup. So much so that I had to repeat it. Their spring rolls are also their own take on things, including avo. I've never been a fan of warm avocado - it just tastes weird and bitter. Not my vibe.


I have not eaten at this restaurant in years, so I cannot vouch for it, but it still exists. Check everything carefully.

So Yum

So Yum in Hyde Park - There aren't many options when it comes to So Yum but the few options available are mind-blowingly scrumptious! Pricey, but they have a wonderful assortment of teas. Strawberries and Cream is my favourite, but they're all wonderful. Their vegetable spring rolls - both the crystal and the fried variations - are super delicious and I always order their yellow vegetable curry. The yellow curry comes with rice, lemon and paprika salt - it's very important to put some of the paprika salt and lemon on as it finishes the tastes in the dish beautifully! The green curry is also vegan to the best of my knowledge. I would steer clear of the dumplings as they aren't vegan. Restaurants can change their recipes at any time and without notice to the public, so before ordering the curry, ensure that it is still vegan.


This restaurant on Rivonia Road is part of the same group as Orient and So Yum, where you will most likely find some lovely Vegan options that are delicious, but expensive. Save it for a hot date!

thai café

This new Greenside restaurant has quite a number of vegetarian options of which most seem to be vegan. Check that there isn't shrimp paste in the curry paste they use for their Gaeng Pak. They're open seven days a week and their food looks promising. Will update once we've tried it.

Chinese Take Away at WITS

This Chinese Take Away hole in the wall makes fantastic vegetable spring rolls. They're large, and they're filling and cheap. I don't know if there is anything else that is Vegan at this little shop but they also have veggie options for those of you who eat eggs.


A Chinese restaurant in Northcliff Corner on Beyers Naude Drive and Milner Road, this restaurant used to be our set meeting place for every Vegan dinner. They used to make amazing vegan food, quite acclaimed in the community. Unfortunately there has been a change of ownership so I'm not sure how many vegan options remain. Phone number is 071 354 2382 according to the shopping centre's website in case you want to phone to enquire.

2 Thai 4

A Thai restuarant that has been open for as long as I can remember to be found on Corlett Drive. They seem to have a few viable vegan options, and actually sound quite appealing

Mongkok Chinese Restaurant

I always order the Salt and Pepper Deep Fried Bean Curd (Tofu), Garlic Bok Choi and some Jasmine tea. I don't really venture away from that because I adore it so, but there are other vegan options on the menu. Good luck though, because if you can't speak a little Mandarin, or at least show them in a phrase book that you're vegan, you may find it difficult to eat anything other than my food of choice. I recently tried the spicy cucumber, which was fantastic, and the Hot and Sour Soup of Vegetarian which was...interesting.

NB: We have subsequently had some bad experiences here, and I hate to say but the quality has diminished somewhat. We found fish scales in our Pak Choi at one sitting. Not so cool.


This Japanese restaurant in Norwood has a number of Vegan dishes on its menu, including sushi and  tofu options. It's a bit of a strange vibe in the restaurant and the waiting staff were inattentive when we visited. There is another branch in Greenside, which is almost always empty, whereas the Norwood branch is full on most nights. The food in Greenside is just as good, but the restaurant is strangely positioned.

Fournos Bakery

Fournos Bakery in Dunkeld West - This bakery makes incredible bread, especially their Olive Ciabatta and when they have their flat bread with toppings on. You can also eat at the actual restaurant because they have vegan options! I've only tried the generous open sandwich with avo, lettuce, rocket, carrots, hummus, courgette, cucumber, tomato and more ingredients I can't remember.

Corner Cafe and Bistro

This Craighall restaurant has a good selection of Vegan options on their menu, and I would like to recommend the Thai Lettuce Wrap if that is on the specials menu at any point in time. It is raw and fantastically yummy.


Hodges at the Colony in Craighall apparently makes a Vegan BLT sandwich. I am yet to try it, but friends swear by it.

Radium Beer Hall

This Orange Grove pub is the oldest pub in Johannesburg and it makes a veggie burger which is apparently delicious! I am yet to try it. Check that there is no mayo or butter on the roll. This is a great venue, which may seem a little dodgy on the outside, but a family vibe on the inside. They serve a really good vegetarian pizza, just ask for no cheese if you're vegan and you'll be happy. Very generous on toppings.

Troyeville Hotel

The Troyeville Hotel is the arts scene hangout of choice, which makes it a pub that many will inevitably end up at. They make a great Vegetarian platter (check that you cancel out any non-vegan parts) and they make really great slap-tjips.

Kitchener's Carvery

This Braamfontein Bar has a Vegan burger on their menu, but I've never personally tried it.

Gilroy's Pub

Gilroys has severely disappointing food. The Mezze platter, vegetarian wrap, chips and salad are a waste of time and money. Eat at Leafy Greens before you go through to Gilroy's. Their beer is all Vegan and extraordinary, so I heartily recommend those. Mind you, a plate of chips is the best bet on the menu, so if you really must, that's the best Vegan option.


This little Italian Place is always packed. It's best to book if you want to eat here, and I remember the food being fantastic. There are several pasta dishes that you can request cheese free, including a very spicy Arrabiata and a wonderful Aglio e Olio. The Zucchini Fritti might be vegan, but just ask because I know that some restaurants soak the zucchini in milk first. They know what veganism entails and they have two egg free pastas to choose from. Very expensive.

Read my blog entry! The "Very Vegan" pizza is 100% vegan, and all pizza bases are vegan according to their head office. Pasta is not vegan, so order the Gluten Free pasta should you wish to eat any of their pasta dishes. We love Doppio and eat there often!

There are some vegetarian pizzas that can be converted into vegan pizzas, but my experience at Piza e Vino is worse every time I end up there, so I will not go there again

Andiccio/Andiamo 24

Pizza. Pick your own toppings. Open 24 Hours.


This restaurant has delicious pizzas and gluten free vegan bases. According to their head office, their pizza dough is vegan. I don't know whether their pasta is. They have this incredible menu where one can construct your own Pizza and/or your own Salad from their multitude of ingredient options.

Cornuti Stella e Luna

This Parkhurst branch of Cornuti has a delicious butternut pizza but they don't compensate for the cheese removal with extra toppings which is disappointing. The salad comes with a dairy dressing so order it without. The cocktail called a Twinkle is positively magical but they are very expensive, so only for special occasions.

Italian restaurants usually have quite a few options for us on the menu and there is one dish that I would go back for over and over. Their Aglio e Olio is delicious! They also make great focaccia and other pizzas. Once again, always check there isn't egg in the pasta, but the spaghetti and penne are safe to the best of my knowledge.

Tortellini d'Oro

The summer pasta is vegan, but always make sure that when you order you specify that you eat no parmesan. The gnocchi is also vegan with an Arrabiata or Napoletana sauce. Breakfast is always a problem for vegans at unfamiliar restaurants but they have a good antipasti selection. They're very expensive.

iL Giardino Degli Ulivi

They keep changing their menu, but their vegetarian pizza minus the cheese is good. The atmosphere is romantic and social on a weekend. A bit quiet in the week.

The Leopard

The Leopard moved to Melville! They change their menu from time to time. Warn them ahead of your dietary requirements. Book to get a table. The vegan dish I used to eat there isn't on the menu anymore, so I'm not sure whether there is anything vegan to eat there now. They make a very good Virgin Mary cocktail.

Salvation Cafe

Salvation Cafe at 44 Stanley Avenue -  The regular menu has no vegan options available but they sometimes have a vegan lunch special. If not for that, they wouldn't be on this list, as I haven't found them to be particularly accommodating.

Pata Pata

This is a restaurant at Main Street Life in Maboneng which now has several Vegan and Vegetarian options on their menu, including salads, curry and pizza. I haven't eaten here yet, but I look forward to trying it!

Vovo Telo

Vovo Telo has an incredible roast vegetable salad that I will go back for over and again. The restaurants are usually packed - a sign of good food and good service. There is a tomato soup on the menu that seems to be vegan and there is some sort of mushroom toast, but why eat that at a restaurant?


Wednesdays Rock Menu has a vegan burger but for the most part there have been multiple cases of egg glazed buns and buttered rolls at Dukes.


Nino's in Rosebank offer some of their dishes with Fry's products to replace the meat components

Cafe Strive

Global Wrapps



Kauai has changed their menu significantly since I wrote the review below. I would advise the hummus sandwich or the Thai veg wrap. You can probably veganise one or two other options and they have some vegan salads, but they don't have veggie burger patties anymore and I seldom find a Kauai that still stocks Fry's strips.

Mugg & Bean

A restaurant that I would never have imagined to have vegan suitable dishes. There are two Vegan dishes - a Moroccan Carrot, Chickpea and Butternut Soup. It comes with some toast, which you just need to specify that they should not put any butter or margarine on. They seem to toast it in something greasy and it was a little worrying. The other dish is the Thai Squash Pie of which I've heard rave reviews from a fellow Vegan Society director.


The vegetarian burgers have been OK in the past, but I haven't eaten here in years. Mind for condiments, as what contains animal products.


Steers isn't an ethical choice by any means, but most aren't. We reserve a special brand of judgement for fast food restaurants for some reason, but still go to other restaurants that serve meat. The Steers vegetarian burger is vegan without making any extra specifications. It tastes good and so do the chips.


This chain makes delicious falafel, but there has been some debate about whether the pitas are vegan or not. They sell pitas in Pick 'n Pay which are vegan, judging from the ingredients so I'm not too worried about it

Mi Vami

This chain also makes edible falafel, but everything is oily! Not sure if there is anything else on their menu that's vegan, but they have a very large menu that should contain one or two other vegan options. The great thing at Mi Vami is that you can order a small portion of the falafel with a smaller pita bread, for those of us with smaller appetites and less oil tolerance.


Voodoo Lily Cafe

Primi Piatti


Ocean Basket



Burger patties are deep fried. Don't even bother.

Kung-Fu Kitchen

I've never been particularly impressed here.


Cranks - CLOSED


Lucky Moo - CLOSED

Banjaara - CLOSED

Ramen - CLOSED


Ruby Sushi - CLOSED


  1. SunshineYum17.2.12

    I've eaten at The GreenSide Cafe - it is not all vegan as I recall they do serve cheese and also cream if I'm not mistaken, however, the bulk of the fare is vegan and the cupcakes are yummy! I also loved the vegan whipped cream with the brownies. The deserts are all good but the mains could be tastier. I have pics of the food on the Facebook page V-Spice Route if you want to use them.
    Spiceburg's was the blandest tasting Indian food I've ever had - Bismillah's is the way to go. The Raj chains also are able to veganise most of their vegetarian dishes and everything I have tried there is mounth-watering.
    Fruits and Roots is a lovely place, both in terms of brekkie, shopping and buffet.
    Can't wait to try Raw on Stanley Ave.
    Thanks for this summary - very helpful. Definitely sharing.

    1. The Greenside Cafe is now all Vegan, they've changed, and I had the most phenomenal Gnocchi there since! They have an all new menu and approach. It's wonderful! I promise, I do check these things before I type them ;)

      I'm so disappointed that you had such an awful experience at Spiceburg. We love it, we always get bespoke meals from them. They really go the extra mile to cater for us!

      Bismillah's is phenomenal though, nothing can beat them!

      Great, I'll definitely add the Raj chains to the list, I had forgotten about them - there's one in Cresta? There's also a very quirky little Indian restaurant in Linden on 3rd where Mamma's Shebeen used to be. It's got some pretty good food, but I can't remember specifics!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and my blog with others! Keep in touch! :) I'm also always updating this list as we discover new places.


    2. The cream they use is Orley Whip...

    3. Orley Whip is all sorts of amazing! Thank you for confirming!

  2. Anonymous16.3.12

    I received a mail from Dukes today to say they have a vegan burger as part of their rock menu on Wednesdays (the lark burger) and their vegetarian burgers can be ordered without dairy and on a wheat free bun. Yeah!!

    1. Shelley25.3.12

      We just ate at Dukes this evening and their burgers were delicious. We did tell them that we were vegan and unfortunately discovered when they served them that there is butter on the rolls. They were very accommodating and changed the roles but do be aware.

    2. Thanks for letting me know.

      I sure hope that they will stop putting butter on their rolls when someone says that they're vegan, I plan to take that up with them.

      Best always ask if there will be butter on rolls, I guess...

  3. Anonymous5.6.12

    Green side cafe is NOT vegan only. I have been there and had to ask for there to be no cottage cheese in my dish.The management also openly abused the waiters in front of customers and i will avoid them for the duration of their existence.

    I went to Ginkos, once, there was only a muesli dish on the menu that you would have to ask for without the honey and again i can do that at home, everything else was unavailable at the time. They had not one single pastry or cake or cookie that was vegan and the manager was very rude.

    Beyond that nice selection of restaurants, thanks

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your input. I'm sure that you haven't been to the Greenside Cafe for a while, as they are now all Vegan. They changed their menu and kitchen to an all Vegan setup. I have heard other accounts of poor management and abuse of the staff, so I understand your hesitation to support an establishment where the staff aren't fairly treated.

      I still haven't been to Ginko, and I don't think I will ever go there. As far as I know there used to be a vegetarian restaurant on the same premises and I think that I still have some form of hope that Ginko will retain echoes of its former occupant! I think I may just remove them from the list entirely if they're so completely useless.

      I'm glad you may have found the page helpful! Please, send me any more comments or suggestions - I'm sure its helpful to other readers to read the comments posted.

  4. Have you heard of Leafy Greens Cafe in Muldersdrift? All plant based cuisine apparently?

    1. Thanks Dave, it was on the list already, near the bottom.

  5. Anonymous8.1.13

    I own The Greensidecafe, it has been 100% Vegan since January 2012. I am very proud of all the staff and they are very proud of the job they do. In setting up the restaurant we did have our challenges in training staff the importance of not serving dairy to vegan customers. I really did not want any mistakes in this regard and I wanted our restaurant to be professional and fast. I do have a great team and expect excellence from them. I want the experience to be great for the customer. In future if i do need to reprimand my staff I will do it in private. Its a tough business that needs constant vigilance. I do however greatly appreciate your views. Thank you and have a great 2013. ps we have will have many new items on the menu by the end of Jan. Best Regards, Dimitri

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello Dimitri, thank you for your response! The new menus look amazing. Can't wait to have the raw wrap. Yum! And the salty, crispy vegan 'bacon' is fun!

    I grew up in restaurants and I think that people don't always understand the dynamics of a kitchen. Your kitchen is exceptionally quiet and open for all to see - always a perk. Many kitchens are loud, everyone constantly screams at one another and function on some ordered chaos. My brother went to chef school, so listening to his stories and if you read anything by Anthony Bourdain it's almost impossible to believe how peaceful the Greenside Cafe kitchen is ;)

    I grew up in restaurants where the head chefs were constantly shouting at people, something I'm used to. But most kitchens are behind closed doors, so it can be shocking for someone who isn't used to it. It's lovely to know that restaurants have evolved since the 90's.

    See you soon! Nicola

  7. Anonymous7.2.13

    Thanks Nicola. The truth is that customers expect certain standards in a restaurant and to achieve those standards a restaurant owner can only do there best. I'm human and sometimes a constantly repeated error will upset me. My staff are so proud of maintaining the our high standards and know that I expect the best from them. My staff are happy and mostly do their best and I think working here has made them more capable individuals. They work fast, they aware and conscious of the importance of cleanliness and of the visual look of food, and are understanding the many benefits of the vegan way of life. I believe that they would be a benefit to any restaurant. That has taken time and effort on my part and they are better off for it. It has been their education. None of my kitchen staff had ever worked in a kitchen before coming here and now they experienced, professional and good at whet they do. They could work in anywhere. We all get on very well even though during a shift i use quick direct reprimanding that saves time and gets the point across quickly. Serving 100s of meals quickly and professionally is no small task. Its not an office job its interactive on many levels and high pressure. As you have know the industry you understand and I appreciate you sharing.
    Glad you like the menu.

  8. Greenside Cafe is a treat every time I eat there. And I eat there often. Dimitri and team you should be proud of the change you're bringing to Joburg. Please open a spot in Broadacres! :-)

  9. Anonymous12.2.15

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